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Deeperblue ·

Bites: Talking watch red flags and winning WC swag!

Hello Crunchers! For me, this week has mostly been about lusting over gorgeous watches that I will never buy, which is what I’ll talk about in this we...
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Deeperblue ·

Weekly Photography Thread - Check out last weeks finalists and see the new theme for this week!

Thank you to @Fiatjeepdriver for kindly setting last weeks theme of 'Water' and for picking 4 finalists. He simply couldn't decide on an overall winne...
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Unexpected strap - happy accidents

I thought this nighthawk looked great on a black and red NATO I had it on. Until I happen to try it on this bund strap. Think this looks so much bette...
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Adiplin ·

What are your love to love, love to hate, hate to love & hate to hate brands? And why?

It's annoying for me when I listen to people who knows nothing about horology or watchmaking saying stuff like "OMG Rolex is the apex" "Hublot is sh*t...
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TomBakov ·

Sorry, but I had to post this.

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Deeperblue ·

Bites: Burnout, blowtorches and the secret lives of Crunchers

Happy Tuesday fellow Crunchers! Before we find out exactly what @Max is getting up to with that blow torch lets have a quick round up of some fun post...
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Deeperblue ·

Bites: 3 secrets of the perfect watch collection and a new WatchCrunch feature!

Happy Tuesday again Crunchers! Lots of cool stuff going on in WC land this week for us to chat about over coffee today! @Bevelwerks has released his l...
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Deeperblue ·

Who wants to walk to Mordor with me?

660 miles. Orces, elves, giant spiders. How exciting does that sound?! "WTAF is she talking about now?" you're thinking. Well, like so many others I w...
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Deeperblue ·

Weekly Photography Thread - Check out last weeks top pictures!

Thank you to @street.credor for lasts weeks theme of 'Definitely note junk!'. His runners up were.... @HotWatchChick69 @Darkoverlord @IanCognito @BigI...
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Deeperblue ·

Weekly Photography Thread - Check out the choice pics from last week!

Thank you to last weeks judge @IanCognito for his great foodie theme and choosing our runners up and winner. Our runners up are... @tempus @TheSharper...
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