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That is a package

Just recieved the Limited Edition Baltic Tricompax. I must say this watchmaker knows how to put on a presentation. I wonder if I can mount those stop...
Evening reading and writing routine with my favorite watch.
Taking my Beaubleu Union Brio Vermillion Red watch out for the night on a sporty Hirsch rubber strap. I had long had an eye out for this version of th...

Vintage Sunday

There's something about how each numeral is crafted that captivated me. The way they tell a story of a bygone era sets vintage watches apart, making t...

Can You Guess What’s Inside The Box?

Got my new timepiece from Baltic a month ago but I have not worn it yet. (Fitting it was not counted, btw!😜) Though my excitement of putting it on my...
Revealing now what Baltic watch I bought!😁 Of course, no other than MR01. I love the texture of the dial, the Breguet numbers, the subdial, and most...
Happy friday!!! Wearing the Le Forban malouine.

Saying Goodbye: YEMA Superman Bronze Bordeaux

The cull of my collection continues with my YEMA Superman Bronze Bordeaux zooming off to a new owner today. "Rob, have you gone mad? This is the third...
Baltic MR01 Salmon Dial, is clean and ready to rumble, now let's do some errands with the wifey this afternoon.
Digging deep into the watchboxes's the iconic 1960s reissue of the Skindiver by French brand Wolbrook...