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Best field watch, Seiko SNGZ09K1

This Seiko was on constant rotation with my other watch’s I wore for the last 10 years of my Army career before I retired in 2021 with 21 years. What’...

An affordable bronze watch review

I’ve wanted to experience a bronze watch for a while. As the economy slows, I recently decided to try out an affordable one on Aliexpress. You wouldn’...

Follow up to the lash post

Here’s some more pictures, I especially love the first one cause it shows how slim the “thick” BB41 actually is on wrist

My first Hamilton

When I was out trying in different watches to see what case size fit my 8" wrist, the salesperson had me try this on. I did not buy that day, but the...
Sunday #brunch with the lady before work! 💪🏼🍳🥓☕ Wearing my #casio #analogdigital #fieldwatch #aw80 #khaki

Alpinist GMT: Leather or Bracelet?

This is my Seiko Alpinist SPB409J Limited Edition pictured here on my 7.5” wrist, both in its original leather and metal bracelet. Which looks better...

Vintage 1940s military watch

I don't have information of this vintage military style watch, is a Garrigues 1940s age, 30mm, has a movement Cornell and case of sterling 925 silver...

Seiko Field GMT’s

Seiko Field GMT’s // White Dial- Ref SBSC009 (JDM Market Only) // Black Dial Ref- SSK023.

Hamilton Khaki Field “Murph” 38mm

It’s necessary.
A 21 year old car and 11 year old watch but always a fresh perspective. Islander just released a bead blasted bracelet for the Seiko SNK line includin...