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Tudor Black Bay 54.

Visited an AD with the intention of trying and buying a Tudor Ranger. Was also offered several other models of Tudor and this model struck a chord - a...

Just arrived.

Have wanted a Chronograph style watch for the last few weeks and dipped my toe into the water so to speak. Budget dictated my choices and I鈥檓 happy to...

Not a watch but an Aurora.

Sorry to interrupt normal transmission.

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commented on RangerDanger's WRUW

My wrist can change size during the day depending on lifting loads or working in chillers and freezers. But the biggest change has been losing weight ! 8kg so far this year.

commented on Watch_Fan's WRUW

Hi Arnold. Was it a local museum ? Wigwam ? I鈥檝e been to the Ashburton one but not for a few years now.

commented on kingsc59's WRUW

This sung out to me in amongst a lot of 5鈥檚. The green dial and gold highlights just had a bit more class.

commented on Which shipping company would you choose (if you can) when buying watches overseas?

I bought a Christopher Ward Sealander and DHL exceeded expectations in both the delivery date, 3 days earlier than indicated and were then were proactive in the customs clearance ( over $1000NZD we pay import fees/taxes) in early emailing of forms etc.There app and tracking notifications were on point. UPS have been good. Can鈥檛 vouch for Fed Ex.

commented on kingsc59's WRUW

Just ran and was to be honest dissapointing. He likes softer ground but maybe it was too wet and heavy 馃捀

commented on kingsc59's WRUW

His race is a in another 3 hours here in NZ. He tries his heart out and his last one was impressive closing really fast - thanks

commented on Pocket Watches

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Just ordered a Hoffman.

Been looking for a low cost chrono styled watch, a wear and forget type and this fits my bill for looks and some nostalgia. Who knows I may be able to...

Friday Walk.

Took myself and the Draken Aoraki Milspec walk up Tobins Track over the Arrow River at Arrowtown. Crisp Autumn day and the leaf fall is well advanced....

A 3 Watch Selection for a long Weekend in the Motorhome.

An Autumn -Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday away. To cover hiking, relaxing and wining and maybe a meal out.

Christopher Ward Canvas strap workout.

As it is promoted as a Go anywhere do anything watch, I decided to give the watch and more importantly the Christopher Ward Canvas strap a workout. Th...

Is Watch Crunch allowing advertising now.

Or do we report it as spam ? Asking for a friend.

Weekend is multi watch weekend.