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Straps, Straps, Straps…#7 The End?

Exhibit G: A bit different. Catches the lume. I believe we have a winner! What say you, @DanTheo82 ? 😉

Straps, Straps, Straps…#6

Exhibit F: Another classic, snoopy stripe to some. Not bad but the nobbier texture of this ribbed strap sort of mutes the distinction between the stri...

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NotThatNeil commented on #WhiskeyNWatches Friday evening.. ·

Colorado bourbon with my Glycine Combat Sub. Ahhhh…

NotThatNeil commented on Spinnaker Bradner anyone? ·

I have a Hull Chrono. A friend has a Cahill he likes.

My first had a bum second hand. After I sent it off for a repair that failed, I eventually got a replacement and refund for the non-repair. They did the right thing, but took some prodding (including posting about it on WC where a rep saw my predicament.)

As someone noted then, some very good watches coming out of Asian (Hong Kong) micro brands, but their customer service isn’t up to some of the U.S. micros.

Tough to beat at those sale prices. I think you’ll like it.

NotThatNeil commented on NWA - G-Shock GAB2100CY-1A ·

I’ve got one on the way. Hadn’t considered modding it…until now. 🤔

NotThatNeil commented on Current state of the collection ⏱️ ·

Nice variety in that assortment!

I like the Lunar Pilot but can’t imagine on 6.5” (165mm) wrist. I’m guessing you have larger wrist?

NotThatNeil commented on Henry Archer Nordso today. ·

I’m on the fence about the Akva. How do you like the Nordso? 🤔

NotThatNeil commented on NotThatNeil's WRUW ·

Here’s what looked like mid-service…

NotThatNeil commented on Yonder's WRUW ·

Anyone remember Dave Dudley and Six Days on the Road (and I’m Gonna Make it Home Tonight)? 🎶🚛

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Straps, Straps, Straps…#5

Exhibit E: Another reasonable alternative although the brown edges appeared much lighter online than in reality. They’re too dark to pick up the lume...

Straps, Straps, Straps…#4

Exhibit D: Asymmetric black/grey, rally stripe. Suitable. Fine. But I think we can do better.

Casioak G-Shock: Bluetooth or No?

Though size is still likely a deal-breaker (165 mm wrist), I’m tempted by Casioaks. Is Bluetooth a useful enhancement or unnecessary gimmick? (FWIW-tr...

Straps, Straps, Straps…#3

Exhibit C: Bond. Classic at this point. Looks fine. Just as it does on every other diver out there. Not bad but I’ll keep looking.

The Bad Batch

In my horological adventures, I’ve been lucky so far. Resurrected two mid-century manuals, which cost a total of $16.50. (Not counting tools purchased...

Straps, Straps, Straps…#2

Exhibit B: Looking for a bit of pop, but not sure the orange is really the thing. Unless I’m wearing corporate colors, in which case, it’s perfect.