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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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NH38 movement UK

Hi I am looking to make my first mod watch. I am still uncertain of exactly what direction to take but I have decided that I want no complications so...

Removing the lettering from AE-1200WH

Just thought I'd remove the most of the lettering from the case and faceplate of one of my Casio AE-1200WH royales. What do you think? No chemicals we...

Casio haul

I was only looking for a silver AE-1200WH but I couldn't resist this lot of worn once Casio 's. I think it was a real bargain at Β£75 for the lot, I ma...

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commented on Betelgeuse's WRUW Β·

What a fine looking watch, great case shape πŸ‘Œnice to see see a watch that is in nice condition and is older than me (just).

Enjoy your day bud πŸ‘

commented on Marc27's WRUW Β·

Cheers Ian, yup it's a big boy πŸ‘

commented on Is there a watch, stupidly cheap, that you love almost as much as the more costly watches? Β·

Thanks pal, it's a doddle I assure you πŸ‘Š

commented on Uncle_Tall's WRUW Β·

Nice one that is a great looking watch, such interesting details very well photographed. The texture on the dial is stunning πŸ‘Œ

Have a great weekend πŸ‘

commented on burntleaves's WRUW Β·

I hear you it's a great album, but The Bends it is not😁 IMO. Have a great evening pal

commented on Is there a watch, stupidly cheap, that you love almost as much as the more costly watches? Β·

Yes mate, coloured filters πŸ‘

commented on DrColinDTate's WRUW Β·

Great watch Colin, love the textile work in the background 😁.

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New Strap

Transformed the look of my casio AE-1200WH. thanks @varioeveryday instantly feels comfortable, lovely quality πŸ‘Œ

G-Shock collection

Here is my G-shock collection.. So far. I am trying to improve my photos, had a hard time getting all the watches to sit well for a photo so strapped...

Battery change Citizen Aqualand Promaster

Just thought I'd share my experience with changing the battery on said watch. I don't dive so was not overly concerned with water proof ratings etc sa...


Hi does anyone have any any information on this brand and model? I purchased it a while ago in France,

Which Diver?

Hi I am looking for suggestions, I would like to have a divers watch. I like vintage looks, domed crystal, no date/day and I have a budget of Β£400. An...

Watch box for large watches ie G Shock

Hi there does anyone have any suggestions for an inexpensive watch box for displaying my larger G Shocks..