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NWA: Seagull 1963 - A true anamoly!

This is one watch that鈥檚 nothing short of an anamoly. Since I got into watch collecting I have heard so much about this watch, specifically about its...

New Strap Alert! Milanese on my Bulova A-11

Ok I admit. I鈥檓 getting addicted to buying straps and experimenting with the looks of my watch. This is a Milanese bracelet on my #bulova #a11 . Never...

Teddy鈥檚 Watch Tournament (Under $5000)

This was just dropped. While I like the way he structured the tournament, I was surprised to see no Omega, Tag or Breitling on the list. Curious on ho...

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commented on kingsc59's WRUW

I love this series of Timex mechanical watches!

commented on Knowledge Expanding Request - Your Countries Most Interesting Watch?

Titan and HMT from India 馃嚠馃嚦

commented on ChiefIlliniwek's WRUW

Beautiful Lume 馃挋

commented on skydave's WRUW

This is why I love watches. There鈥檚 a story for every watch. And yours is a beautiful story. Happy Father鈥檚 Day!

commented on serhat's WRUW

It鈥檚 absolutely pairing well with the brown strap. For fun I would also try the black alligator leather.

commented on Mr.Santana's WRUW

Best entry watch to get into mechanical watches!

commented on Show off your FD Watch!

What a beautiful watch to celebrate father鈥檚 day.I bought mine early in the year when I heard I鈥檓 going to be a dad (first child). This Hammy is a big milestone watch for me 馃枻and will be wearing it on the big day..


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San Martin 40mm Dive Watch (Original Design)

This watch was launched recently by San Martin (original design). On paper it seems to have decent specifications and looks like a beautiful summer wa...

NWA - Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage 1920

This has to be the best present my wife could have given me this year. I had been researching for a good pilot watch (white dial only) with rich herit...

New Strap Alert! Bulova A-11

Got a new strap for my #bulova #a11 It was time to get a blue strap for this beautiful blue dialed historic watch! Changed the style from a brown mili...

New Strap Alert! Citizen watch.

Changed the strap for my #citizen . Changed it from leather to canvas and it changed the personality of the watch - Went from a boring watch meant for...

New Strap Alert ! Hamilton Khaki Field

Been on my watch collecting journey less than a year and I decided to change the original bracelet that came with my Khaki with a leather strap. Origi...

Timex x Todd Snyder MK-1 Amalfi Dress Watch

This recently came up in one of my random watch searches. This watch has a vintage dressy vibe, clean design, hand wound mechanical movement and is ar...