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Coffee hues
Home stretch

My collection. (including some watches I’m selling)

I’ve never posted all these. I’m showing you some ’mistakes’ as well. Phew!

Breguet Classique

What defines a Classic Watch? First time I set my eyes on this 7147 I was so impressed by the font, dial, hands and offset seconds. Impressed doesn't...
Baume & Mercier Riviera 10720 - love this watch. The sapphire dial and quick release strap makes it an awesome daily. The use of titanium on the b...

Just fun.... and "research" [pic for attention, but that's a beast of a watch]

Not posting a wordy request for poll, just interested in choices and maybe a few reasons. Both are competitive and seem dressy/classy, and offer value (may fill that space in my watchbox 🤔).
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Today it is this Baume "Small Seconds", first sold on December 14th, 1972 - the day the last human left the surface of the moon ;)
Back home and the morning routine. Enjoy your day
B&M Capeland Retrograde for a lovely morning. Love the blued hands

Dipping my feet back into vintage 🤿

I fell in love with the dial and markers of this B&M. The fact that my Black Bay 36 is in for service probably had something to so with this purch...