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Is it wise?

I just sized and attached an aftermarket FKM rubber strap designed for an Omega Sea Master to my Wise Hitman. My first impression was: sh*t it doesn’t...

Last one until the end of 2024

It’s been less than a month since I bought my last watch. I think I have a little bit of a problem…lol. In 2023 my collection went from 9 to 14 watche...

Orient Baby Triton aka the watch that has no name….

So, this is new watch #3 since joining the WC just shy of 180 days ago. This watch coughs my eye shortly after it’s release in 2020, but I held off un...

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commented on Is it wise? ·

It fits and feels great. Not the look I was going for. But I think I’m ok with it now that I’ve had it on for a day. I think that if it worked the way I hoped, it would have been the watches new primary strap, but now, it will be just another strap in the rotation.

commented on Is it wise? ·

Thanks for sharing. Your gap is way smaller then mine. I’ll wear it as is for now and consider getting a proper fitted one in the future.

commented on Is it wise? ·

The strap I put on was a gift. I had a look on the wise website and the fitted strap they offer doesn’t have a deployment clasp, but it will definitely give me the look I was going for. Thanks for the tip!

commented on Is it wise? ·

I’m on the fence too. You are right that no one other than me is going to notice. It doesn’t look bad, it’s just not the look I was hoping for. Thanks for the input.

commented on jlwatch's WRUW ·

I like this watch a lot better on a rubber strap than the NATO style one that it came with. It’s been getting a lot of wrist time lately now that I switched out the band. I’m definitely a fan!

commented on jlwatch's WRUW ·

Thank you kindly!

commented on jlwatch's WRUW ·

I take it that you are a Dolphins fan? I totally missed that connection… but now that you mentioned it, I can’t unsee it.

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This is my second new watch since joining WC. I’m just a smidge under the 180 mark. I wasn’t looking for another watch, but this one just spoak to me....

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