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Inexpensive Friendship

Picked up this curious little bauble some time ago. During a tidy-up session I ran across it and gave it a wind: it seems to run nicely. Put it on a d...

The Joy of Analogue Timekeeping

Indulge me as I preach to the choir for a moment, please. I own a few digital watches, and have been making an effort to wear these a tad more . The s...

Movement of Note

When adjusting the date on this Timex (obviously incorrectly) I noticed the hour hand move like a traveller’s GMT, even though there is no second time...

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commented on New Seikos! ·

I was going to say…

commented on A beautiful day in Glen Canyon Park, San Francisco! ·

Beautiful watch! It matches the scenery nicely.

commented on Thank you for your advices !! (Follow-up on having 2 of the same watch model) ·


commented on Why is 10:10 Better than 1:50? ·

One you’re anticipating your Dr Pepper, the other you’ve drunk it.

commented on karlontime's WRUW ·

Thank you! Yes, I love the purposeful function with a dash of cool design.

commented on I Couldn’t Leave Seiko! GS v. OMEGA ·

Great choice, mate!

I don’t put much stock in tiers. There are certainly price tiers and, perhaps less so, quality tiers. But tiers of happiness are important, too, and it seems you struck gold.

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How do you organise, store and present your watches? I’m trying to subdue my entropic tendencies.

Experienced Face

I got this watch at a very fair price, no doubt because of the age reflected by the dial condition. I certainly do not quibble with its operation- I s...

Seiko Service Query

This stately & experienced Seiko runs quite well. Since I have no clue about its service history, I’d like to get it cleaned at some point. What’s...

Woodly Weird

I’ve had this Bobobird novelty for a couple of months- it wasn’t until this evening that I ventured into weird wooden bracelet sizing. As straightforw...

A bit personal..,

Do you wear a watch in bed? I do, mainly because (like most of us) I’m getting older rather than younger and my small cache of Indiglo watches sates m...

It’s Complicated

What unusual date complications have you come across? Any favourites? I always take a second look at day/date windows peering out of subdials, as well...