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Baltic Hermetique x bonklip

I had been curious about this bracelet, so I ordered one to give it a try, without much expectations. And... honestly I think it looks "badass" with t...

Scratches on brushed metal case : fixed !

This is a follow-up of this post . I ordered the Bergeon 2834C pen and tried to remove the scratches. The result is beyond my expectations. As you can...

Baltic watch vs Apple screen (Studio Display)

The screen won 😢 Just sitting at office, I would have prefered a more glorious story for a field watch!

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commented on Do you sport with a mechanical watch? Please comment what sport you usually do weather you wear your watch or not. ·

All sports that I do: weightlifting, running, swimming, cycling.

Why not? It’s a field watch, it’s sturdy enough.

commented on Microbrands ·

Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain me!

I see it happening indeed and I also hate it.

But I would not say that all or only micro brands do it, as far as I can tell.

commented on Microbrands ·

Sorry but I do not understand, what does « shilling » mean ?

Not in any dictionary that I can find…

PS: I asked AI and it suggests that it's more "shielding effect", in the sens of attraction, mass influence.

If it's the real meaning, then I disagree.

I only buy micro-brands because of their generally excellent value for money / spec ratio.

When I bought my Baltic, I even did not know it was so popular. I watched and read some tests of course, but nothing more. I don't care about popularity.

To the contrary, I have the impression that there is more shielding effect on the side of brands : say Rolex and Omega for example.

commented on Is 'sailcloth splitting' a thing? ·

I am not surprised because it’s synthetic material made from petroleum. Basically it’s plastic, so when it degrades from UV or anything, it becomes breakable and it falls apart.

I guess the bottom layer is leather ?

commented on Is 'sailcloth splitting' a thing? ·

Long time ago it used to be natural fibers but nowadays they are all synthetic.

So it’s basically made from petroleum, like nylon.

commented on Bronze Case Watches ·

I want to also mention Baltic with the beautiful Aquascaphe in 3 bronze variants.

But that’s above the budget you mentioned.

commented on Bronze Case Watches ·

You are welcome !

I am sure you are going to love it and it’s certainly impossible to beat it up in this price range and value for money.

I don’t own it yet but it’s on my list 😉

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Macro shot of Baltic Hermetique

Finally I took out my macro extension tube, instead of the iPhone.

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What steel to choose for spring bars?

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Worth fixing?

It's a very old quartz Yema that I used when I was a kid. I already got it second hand at the time. It was probably made in the 80s. Unfortunately, it's in pretty bad condition: - the crown turned bro...
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