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Are they?

I ‘need’ a robust white dialed watch on a bracelet. I’ve got my eye on the below. Owners/opinions please! No more than 2k
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Which continent are you from?

Curious to know where crunchers are from Africa/australasia in one group cos I can’t poll more than 4 choices
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Watch photography

I know lots of people in this forum are keen photographers. I’ve read an excellent post from kentuckyman30 about his Fuji which I’m tempted by but I w...

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commented on What's your favorite date complication? ·

Love a big date especially at 6

commented on Do you micro-wear your watches? ·

‘A little too much time on your hands’

commented on Which white Dial watch I should go for? Help me amazing people 😅😃 ·

If you have a dream watch and whichever of these might be sold I’d go for the Rolex as it retains value better.

They are both great

commented on Is it rude? ·

Great answer

commented on Is it rude? ·

If I gave away a watch as a present and the strap was changed I’d be chuffed. It shows they really want to wear it.

commented on Adding yet another pop of color… ·

One of the best microbrand for value

I have one too


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Ultimate Tool watch

Thoughts on the ultimate robust tank like tool watch?
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Which diver would you go for?

Hi everyone. I still don’t have a dive watch. I’m thinking about spending some money on something high quality. These are some of the watches that interest me. What would you go for? Any others you wo...
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Honest opinions from honest watch people

Dear crunch colleagues, I have been eyeing up this watch for quite some time. It’s American and as such not available to look at/try on readily in the...

The Daily Beater

Hi everyone. I don’t use watchcrunch much but it’s really a great platform with the most sane bunch of watch enthusiasts. I recently bought this and l...


Hello to fellow watch lovers! I’ve spent so long watching YouTube channels and recently discovered this watch crunch business. So thought I’d join wha...