Which would you choose?

Was recently at the minutes + hours pop up event in Chicago and fell in love with the simple design of these two. Which would you go with and why?


They are blowing up and I am glad they are getting more and more attention. The gold hands are a distraction for me, so I would do the black, but I would immediately remove and replace the straps.

Blue hands 馃憣

Blue hands, brown strap.

The blued hands, personal preferences. I just like the visual look better, and it suits my taste

Blue hands. Hands down. 鉁嬶笍 馃

Blued hands > gilt hands

Blued hands for me. I prefer the look

Blue hands, gold if the crown is gold too.

Blue hands, just because for me it鈥檚 not as common!

Blue without a doubt

I'm a sucker for blue hands