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Direnzo - Teaser for the Brand

So I wanted to do this for a while, and what a better time than right before @AllTheWatches put my favorite little brand to the cutting board Microbra...

Best Islander yet? Port Jefferson GMT Skin Diver!

Marc from has been going strength to strength with his recent releases. I think this newest Travelers GMT might just be t...

The Pub told my Wife that her Husband has Style 🤣

Nobody in their right mind should utter such nonsense about me! It’s blasphemous to folks with actual style 😭 And I don’t use my Instagram anymore to...

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commented on I see no lies ✋ ·

Fanatics for life 🙌

Did I pick correctly? We’re supposed to pick one right? 🤪

commented on What do we actually need? ·

If your goal is telling time (accurately) then you don’t need a watch. Your phone is simply more accurate and offers more.

I believe it’s definitely a fashion/accessory (that happens to tell time)!

Having said that, be happy, enjoy your life, buy what gives you joy ✌️And as long as you’re not financially burdening actual “needs” then there is no such thing as a perfect collection.

commented on A twist in my GADA hunt ·

This is my first Baltic as well, and adore this model. It’s so perfect is so many ways. Congrats 🎉

commented on If you only had the budget for one ·

Cheers brother 🖖🏾

commented on What's your View on Erotic Watches? ·

Interesting, yet not surprising… “Rule34”

Honestly this is how I feel about brands that make “iced” watches that look gaudy as F! Yet, sufficient wealthy buy them so it’s all just business. Well outside my tax bracket say anything lol.

commented on If you only had the budget for one ·

Do you think the Bel Canto will be something special in 60 years (or even 30y)? That might be your answer.

commented on This is the vintage Timex that lives in my heart, and probably the nicest watch I'll ever own. ·

Congrats, huge fan of the Port Jeff series 🥳

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I feel Baltic will go to Final 4 and likely to the Championship round 🤔

I’m a fan of Baltic, not necessarily a super fan, but a fan nonetheless. Regardless, looking at the “popular” votes , they seem quite unstoppable .

🚨DC Watch Show - This Weekend

This was fun in 2022 (pics from then) I’m not big social person, but wouldn’t mind saying hey to some folks. Oh and my ugly mug with and my goat beard...

Traveler GMT 🚨Affordable

Traveler GMT Miyota 9075 from ( last image credit ) Pros: Absolutely over the moon (Venus?) over this red ❤️ and the dial...

Hermétique (3D) Indices

Wanted to try and show the #baltic Hermétique Indices. 🧪 Super-Luminova C3 X1, but it’s an entire block of lume. Never seen this before. Granted it’s...

The (mostly indoor) Adventure begins

My 1st #baltic with the Hermétique. 🤎 Brown FKM strap on 6.5~6.75 inch wrist. The dial (37mm) is amazing 🙌