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Re-thinking watch size

Hello everyone! I have small wrists… (6inches) I’m starting to realize how well smaller sizes wear on me. I generally wear 37-41mm watches, but have o...

Mido’s lesser known history?

Hello everyone! I’m not great at this, so bear with me here! 😅 I wanted to talk a little more about a brand that has quite a significant history in p...

SWATCH Group brands that assemble their calibers?

Hey Crunchers! Does anyone know if swatch group brands below Omega are assembling their own movements from ETA? I was always under the assumption that...

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commented on EastCoastWatchConnection's WRUW ·

Same! I’ve had a few watches with screw links that ended up having issues right from the factory. Loosening up on its own or not at all

commented on EastCoastWatchConnection's WRUW ·

Mido uses this clasp on their 200c as well, but that bracelet goes even further with screw links. The links are too thin to use screw links for on this one. Mido is certainly closer to Longines in quality than they are with Tissot or Hamilton.

commented on What’s a dead giveaway that you’re NOT dealing with a “watch person”? ·

It’s all about the nomenclature.

commented on Re-thinking watch size ·


commented on EastCoastWatchConnection's WRUW ·

Thanks! It’s 40.5mm

commented on Re-thinking watch size ·

Thanks bro! My thoughts exactly. I feel like I just unlocked a whole new world of watches that I’ve been ignoring previously 😂

commented on It finally happened ·

If you want your watch to be invisible to the masses, wear it on a black nato or rubber strap. Invisibility cloak engaged

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I was supposed to be window shopping

Well… once I saw it in person I had to have it. I’m sure everyone knows exactly what this is so I won’t go on about the specs. First day of wear so I...

Zenith is drunk

While trying to track down some recent questionable releases from Zenith, I stumbled upon their website’s pricing… maybe I’m drunk, or was the pilot a...

Modified ETA/Sellita

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a better day than I am (work is absolutely awful today). Something that I’ve been thinking about lately is t...

I tend to prefer quartz

Why I tend to prefer quartz This one is going to be either boring or fun lol. This is NOT a Quartz vs Mechanical thread… I’ve been obsessed with watch...

Thought I’d share this

Hello everyone! I have been going through a rough time trying to remove an extremely stubborn bezel on an older TAG Heuer 2000. My other bezel removal...