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Does your significant other ever guilt you about money you spend on watches?

Title is a pretty straight forward question. In my case I have been funding my watch obsession by selling off stuff I have been keeping in the house b...

Do you ever look at your watch admiringly only to find that you've sent the wrong body language?

I like my watches. I like looking at them. I'll look at them even when I don't want to know the time. I find myself doing it at odd, random moments. P...

I don't get Chrono24

I just saw a watch I've been lusting after for the last few weeks for sale on Chrono24. The seller wants a $263 markup for the exact same watch that c...

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commented on Hamilton x Timeworks Movie Watch Meetup

This sounds fun. I hear a lot about Hamilton but don't have one in my collection. I could definitely be tempted to join that club.

commented on Favorite Watch books?

Not in front of my book collection to fully answer this but one memorable title that deserves mention is: Modern Watches the modern collectors guide.

commented on how many watches is too many watches?

The answer to this question is largely dependent on your budget and your spouse / partner's tolerance for how big the collection grows. At least that's what my experience has been.


Plan? I can barely plan out my life much less my watch spending. I just have a kitty that I refill by selling stuff on FB marketplace and when I run across something that fills in one of the watch shaped holes in my heart or adds something to my collection I pull the trigger.

commented on 鈼 UNDERRATED 鈼

I don't know why Nico has such a hate-on for Bulova. I am rather pleased with the two I have in my collection. I also really admire the design work they've done over their very long history. I have several books in my collection with some stunning examples that I would buy in a heartbeat if they brought them back.

commented on 鈼 UNDERRATED 鈼

I like their watches but I'm not sure why the deserve the price point they ask for. Maybe I'm just not educated enough on them. Maybe they are just pricey for what they are. 炉\_(銉)_/炉


I do love a nice gold toned watch with the caveat that not all watch face colors work well with it.

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