Do you ever look at your watch admiringly only to find that you've sent the wrong body language?

I like my watches. I like looking at them. I'll look at them even when I don't want to know the time. I find myself doing it at odd, random moments. People around me though assume (very reasonably I might add) that I'm looking at my watch to check the time. I find this often unintentionally sends messages through body language that I don't mean to send. It appears that I'm checking the time, perhaps I'm impatient for this meeting to end. Or perhaps people just assume that I'm bored of the conversation we're having and am wondering when I can safely make my escape. The worst I think, is when out with my wife and I'm enjoying the lume on my watch in a dark theater and she assumes I'm hating the show we're watching and am wanting to leave. Ask me why I didn't see the second half of Les Miserables. In truth though she hated the production and took my lume admiration for consent to bail on act 2.


I either have to be sneaky about it or just not do it, which kills me! lol

I take it off an fiddle with it. I don鈥檛 care. 馃ぃ

Yes, also regularly check the time & end up just admiring it & forgetting to actually look at the time, necessitating multiple wrist checks 馃ぃ馃ぃ