Latest G Shock arrived today

I posted a few days ago when I ordered this watch. It arrived today. I have always wanted a premium G Shock and I finally found the right one.

I normally prefer positive displays but this one is surprisingly easy to read. It is much easier to read than any of my other negative display G Shocks. Of course it isn't as easy to read as a positive display but still very legible.

This is also my first G Shock with Bluetooth capability. I haven't decided if I am going to link it to my phone yet. I will wait and see. It also has Multi Band 6 so I don't have to link it to my phone for accuracy.

I love the matte black color. In some light it looks charcoal but it doesn't matter I love it. I haven't been this excited about a new watch in a long time. I also ordered the new GA2100 with the full lume dial but it didn't show up. Hopefully it's not lost. I am excited for that one to arrive but it will take a back seat to this one.


Nice! Looks like I am not the only one with a new G Shock.


I love the look of negative displays. I've also been wanting an all metal G-Shock myself, love the upscaling of such a workhorse watch. I just can't justify yet another watch unfortunately... Good choice all around on this one.


MB6 is old technology, only updating the watch at certain times of the day (if your watch is even able to pick up the radio signal). Link it to Bluetooth for ease of use and to get instant accuracy.