BB Pro - leather, rubber or steel?

It鈥檚 actually not as bad on straps as I thought considering the slight thickness (which has been blown out of proportion by YouTubers)


this one is made of and for steel

Always steel

#singlepassstrap 4 life...馃馃徎馃憖馃槀馃馃徎


#singlepassstrap 4 life...馃馃徎馃憖馃槀馃馃徎

@Max would say zero pass 4 life ha

Steel! The others look good too though.


Leather I think would be the most unique. I'd love to see it on a dark brown strap.

i think the steel is still the best. altho i have the OEM single pass nato and that one is pretty good too. except it causes the watch to be a bit unbalanced as all the weight is now in the 鈥渉ead鈥 of the watch with no weight in the bracelet to balance it out.


Steel please

Steel. No contest.

It鈥檚 one of v few watches that actually looks better on a strap, the watch head gets lost on the bracelet as there is just too much steel involved, the Tudors hybrid strap is perfection, and even when I had both bracelet and hybrid I preferred it on the strap