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6.89โ€ / 17.50 cm Wrist
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NWD - Atelier Wen Perception V2

It took a while to arrive, but arrive it did. Some of the nicest packaging I've had as well. This new Perception V2 absolutely blows it out of the wat...

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commented on Would you buy a cheaper version of your grail watch? ยท

Sure I would buy a GO Panomaticlunar instead of a Lange 1 Moon phase and be very happy with the itch scratched.

Would not pick up an unknown movement from a mystery AliExpress brand however, that would most likely just leave me disappointed.

commented on Thoughts on the Tudor Ranger? ยท

I wish it was smaller and the hour hand was differently styled. Otherwise it's a nice enough watch from having tried one at my AD.

commented on What is your go-to casual day watch? ยท

Usually one of these two if I don't know what's likely to be on the plans. Maybe the SKX.

commented on Anyone going down the fountain pen rabbithole too? ยท

Dew it

commented on Whats the top brand in your core collection? ยท

In terms of pure numbers. Seiko, edging out Casio. In terms of dollar value, Grand Seiko.

commented on Damn Seiko, why are you pushing the prices so up? ยท

These don't exactly stay 950โ‚ฌ for very long tbh. Give it a few months.

commented on Hard to decide how much is too much. ยท

If it's not hobby/leisure money, you shouldn't be spending it.

If buying a watch means you aren't taking the family on holiday when that's a normal yearly thing, you shouldn't do it.

Lastly, if it stresses you out to wear it, then you probably should wear something else.