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Let's race

Ok I'm kidding. My bad ankles would give out after 2 strides. One of my few no date watches the maxton from mcdowelltime.

Not a typical grail

Looking at all the watches released so far, quite a few could be grails. But thinking about it, it's not just the cost but it being worn. These aren't...

Partial eclipse

Won't fet 100% black out today but will hopefully be cool to see in Maryland. But this is what'll be on wrist today. Good morning!

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commented on What’s a dead giveaway that you’re NOT dealing with a “watch person”? ·

The blank stare like ... what? When the eyebrows knot in genuine confusion about movements and strap (shoe) changes.

commented on This or that. Speedmaster or Chronomaster ·

Tough one but the zenith. I prefer a date though not always necessary, I love the sub dial colors plus I purchase to keep and wear. No safe queens live in my room. Admittedly I'd be happy with either.

commented on Does your impulse buying extend beyond watches? ·

I agree and have curbed alot of bad spending ways ... pens and knives were a battle to reduce and then stop lol ...

commented on Your favourite watch.... only a little bit better ·

On mine move the lug holes just a little further away from the case so straps don't rub against it. Reduce the polish and increase crown size by .5mm

commented on Could you wear the same watch every day? ·

Either the swc or formex

commented on W&W 2024 ·

Sinn had some really nice releases but I wanted to see more then rolex tuder and a "few" others.

commented on Telling someone he/she is a watch nerd just by looking his/hers wrist!! ·

Visitor brand. I didn't give them much of a second look the first time I saw them years ago, but in person was a different story. Some watches just need to be seen first before deciding. That's the case with most microbrands and independents.

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Good morning

A little guy that doesn't get much wrist time, but today it does.

Dive watch love

And these are why I love divers 😂 NTH Omega Tsaobaltimore Seiko Nodus

Morning time

At work with gshock


Out after the rain


I spent several minutes trying to title this ... and thats the best i could come up with. I had written a while ago the reason for getting this partic...

...... okay

So as soon as i get in, the watch comes off and put in the watch box. Soooooo why did i just spend 10 minutes looking for my watch?!?!? Lol