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Max ·

"Bang-for-your-buck" Brands | Watch Giveaway

Longines has been killing it lately with tasteful vintage inspired releases without heavy price hikes. This week's video looks at why Longines is winn...
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Max ·

Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket (and others don't)?

I've been pondering this one. I know prices are up across the board but the likes of Oris are really gunning upmarket compared to the likes of Tissot,...
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Max ·

This one is too good!

The Smiths Everest is very popular, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I was not expecting much when I grabbed one for a comparison thinking the...
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Recent Comments

Max commented on Watch Crunch introduction post and SOTC ·

Welcome to the community!  Love the IWCs, your photography ain't shabby either!  Enjoy your time here 😊

Max commented on Would people be interested in a WatchCrunch special edition? ·

Great idea!  Good luck getting 30 watch nerds to agree on a design 😉

Max commented on Conquest heritage ·

Welcome!  The conquest heritage is such a nice blend of vintage and modern 😍

Max commented on Birthday present to myself ·

Congrats dude!  Looks like a good fit 👌

Max commented on New Best Grand Seiko? SBGW279 ·

I would be very nervous swimming with anything that doesn't screw down. 

Max commented on Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket (and others don't)? ·

Relax, I'm sure I can show your grandad a move or two 😉

Appreciate the history lesson but I think young companies often show old ones how to do business in modern times. 

Max commented on Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket (and others don't)? ·

Yes that was my theory, those that are in the Swatch group will forever live under the shadow of big brother Omega.

In some ways I see Oris trying to model themselves after Nomos, make in house movement, increase prices 😉

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Max ·

What the hell is Smiths?

I'm confused... Smiths was original a British watch company founded in 1851, and made notable time pieces including the De Luxe that may have beat Rol...
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Max ·

My Love Letter to Budget Seikos 🥰

Hello crunchers! Here's this week's video on my 2 fav Seikos. We can spend all day focusing on Seikos problems, or we can just enjoy these budget star...
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Max ·

Why I Still Love Seiko

Yes Seiko has in some ways lost it's status as the king of value in the past couple years, their bracelets suck, their movements are meh, their move u...
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Max ·

Would you rock the OP at retail?

That was the question I set for myself when I borrowed my friend's turquoise OP. It was hard to see past the hype, but here's my attempt!
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Max ·

UPDATE: #WRUW recent shots in your profile

You can now see a compilation of your previous WRUW uploads in your personal profile. We've got some big updates (including a SOTC feature) coming soo...
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Max ·

Seiko MAI clock

If you haven't caught the YouTube vid, I made an impulse purchase and for $45 I don't regret it. I think it's got a spring drive 😄
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Max ·

Colorful speculation

Friend dropped is this can of worms with me for the week, and I perked up after watching the watchfinder review this week where he called it "The best...
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