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WATER RESISTANCE false advertising?

As watch enthusiasts, we've just come to accept that WR is to be severely discounted from stated by the manufacturer. For example, you should never go...
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Still the GOAT 馃悙

Saw this one at a meetup and just couldn't look away. So much nostalgia factor for me. Do I have too many Seikos... Never! What was your first mechani...
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Timex answer to the MoonSwatch

In my quest to prove you can get a better watch for $250, I stumbled on a couple of Timex releases and they are impressive! Not perfect and I tell you...
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Max commented on Still the GOAT 馃悙

Not easy but possible, need a torch and removal of the innards from the case, and a lot of patience.聽

Max commented on London Christmas Meetup Pictures!

Wow wow weewow, you've expanded the crew quickly! 聽Congrats, happy holidays 馃帀馃コ

Max commented on Still the GOAT 馃悙

Ooo love that bezel

Max commented on Still the GOAT 馃悙

I see, so instead of 34.5/50 it would be a 6.9/10

Max commented on Still the GOAT 馃悙

Bam. Right back in with the greatest hits 馃憦馃憦

Max commented on Still the GOAT 馃悙

Your wife has good taste 馃憤聽

Not sure what you mean about total score

Max commented on Still the GOAT 馃悙

Yeah they just sit in the box and for giggles 馃槃

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WatchCrunch x Jack Mason: True GMT

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter from Jack Mason watches @TimeToDesign recently and we started a conversation about collabing on a watch. Wanting t...
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5 Tips to Buy Vintage and keep your shirt!

Thanks to @chronotriggered previous guide on buying vintage, I put together this video showing some of my vintage scores and talking about pitfalls to...
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Why Do You Avoid Vintage Watches?

Check out this beauty!! I noticed that vintage watch videos don't get as many views, but I still love them with all my heart. I know @chronotriggered said to be careful with Omega, but I've been hunti...
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Real Bangers for MoonSwatch money

I love the MoonSwatch, in principle. Great design, poor execution. Was not impressed with the quality one bit. So it begs the question, what else can...
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State of the Crunch !!

Elon has failed in his bid to acquire WatchCrunch, and Kanye has been escorted off the premises. My dear Crunchers, after year one, the state of the C...
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Watches to Buy your Lady (and secretly "Borrow" for Yourself)

If you are a guy who's into watches, you've probably had women ask you for watch recommendations. I've always drawn a blank, so I decided to rectify t...
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DESIGN vs. SPECS. what's more important?

Do you find yourself more drawn to good design that can even offset mediocre specs? Or do the numbers (accuracy/WR/PR) matter more to you? You can't say both! That's not the point 馃ぃ
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