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Is Smaller always Better?

I spent a week with the new 36mm Hamilton aviation and it was a rollercoaster of emotions. I was worried it was too small, but it wore well. By mid we...

Game: pick one watch that most represents each brand

To me the FXD most uncompromisingly represents the soul of Tudor. Marine nationale is where Tudor really started to separate itself from Rolex design...

K-wow! I'm really smitten by this $1500 collection

It's never been a better time to be a watch enthusiast. You can get a CNC machine in your living room, order movements at Costco (maybe), and as long...

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commented on Is Smaller always Better?

Yep, different watch. Remind me of an 36mm OP

commented on Is Smaller always Better?

Close the thread 馃槀

commented on Is Smaller always Better?

Just wish instead of a big and small, manufacturers would just do a medium and call it a day

commented on Is Smaller always Better?

Interesting observation!

commented on Is Smaller always Better?

That's the Uncle seiko bracelet

commented on Is Smaller always Better?

Yeah the bracelet is a weak point for this watch

commented on Is Smaller always Better?

The woman knows what satisfies 馃槈

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Your Watch Deserves This Bracelet

I have to credit @minutemeg for drawing my attention to the new Murph bracelet by Uncle straps. This sent me down the rabbit hole of custom bracelets...

Hamilton x Timeworks Movie Watch Meetup

Hey y'all, just got off zoom with Hamilton. As you know, the brand is well represented in the movie industry and they are coming to Seattle to reveal a major new movie watch collab Feb 23 at my favori...
Feb 23
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Who Likes Green Machines?

Spring is around the corner, let's talk green dials. I put together my top 10 from $800 to $45k. There's a couple grails in there. What's your favorit...

LightnIng Strikes Twice for Seiko

A year ago, my sub-500 watch the year was the Seiko 5 diver GMT. Now Seiko has applied the same formula to their 39.5mm field watch. Think you'd choos...

Matt Farah is a Big Watch Nerd

Had a chance to sit down with Matt Farah to check out some of his interesting pieces! What do you think about these customized watches?