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Lusted over this for so long

So I tried this on in a GS boutique 2 years ago and have never been able to get it out of my head. The opportunity has recently come up to purchase th...

Vertex releasing this m36

Finally what a lot of people have been waiting for a 36mm variant of the m100

What’s your type?

Field watches are my thing, I genuinely think a watch is a tool to tell the time and these kind of ultra legible, made for purpose pieces are all I ne...

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commented on Show Us Your Sinns! ·

Interesting…. What’s the jubilee on this ?

commented on Next target? ·

I own a sbgw231 and is similar in tone to the GS GMT - it blows all your other options out of the water

commented on Recommendations for 50 year milestone ·

If you’re looking for a Seiko that IMHO is actually more relevant to its predecessor than the Modern Explorer and more specifically toolish you can’t really do far wrong with

commented on What kind of jobs/lifestyle do you have that allows you the luxury of buying watches? (Random photo for visibility) ·

I work in retail and I have a credit card

commented on Seiko Alpinist 1959 reinterpretation deeplake blue ·

Classic and timeless Seiko/GS

commented on Kevin O'Leary opinions about being a watch collector ·

In the uk we have a word for these kind of people - starts with W and ends in R

commented on Finally, "pulled the trigger" ·

This is by far the best of the modern Tudors IMHO