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Two truths and one lie, Episode #8? #9?

Fact #1: While temporarily assigned to a base in the Middle East, I was driving back from the U.S. Embassy. I thought I was being followed so I contac...
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Jimmer commented on Which one would you choose? ·

That Breitling was almost my first Breitling. I still think about if often, so it was an easy choice. That Zenith and Rolex do nothing for me. The GS would take 2nd, it's a beauty.

Jimmer commented on What was the first watch brand that got you into watches? ·


Actually, it was the first watch I loved. My grandfather wore Omega quite a bit,  so the brand that got me into watches was Omega, but this watch is the first watch I craved to have.

Jimmer commented on Weekly Watch Rotation ·

Mon: Omega (Blue) /Zelos Aurora (Blue)

Tue: Oris (Anthracite) 

Wed: Rolex Polar (White)

Thu: Rolex Pepsi (Black)

Fri: Breitling (Orange) [W]/Farer

Sat: Phoibos/Direnzo/Seiko/Zelos Comet (rotate the four)

Sun: Orient/Nodus/Islander (rotate the three)

Jimmer commented on Rolex sports watches. Is the bracelet a huge part of the appeal? ·


Jimmer commented on Are watches made for the domestic market in Japan superior to those made for other countries? ·

Depends on how you define better. I've found that they are usually more aesthetically interesting at the very least. That includes Citizen.  Not sure about Orient.

Jimmer commented on My most worn. What’s yours? ·

It was the Seamaster 300M till I got the Polar a year later. Then it was the Polar till I got the Pepsi a year later.

So the Pepsi on jubilee.

Jimmer commented on Anyone have a US based AD they'd recommend? ·

Glad to help. Hope it works out for you.

Jimmer ·

This surprisingly happened last Friday.

So this year my wife and I celebrate 20 years together and I got a promotion. In January, after finding out about the promotion, I called up an AD tha...
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