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7.68โ€ / 19.50 cm Wrist
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NWA - Norqain Wild One Blue

For about a year or so I have been considering entering micro independent brand territory but nothing really spoke to me. I also decided if going that...

Replacing Seiko Alpinist with Hanhart Pioneer One

Finally the day has come - my new Hanhart Pioneer One has arrived. This watch is replacing my Seiko Alpinist SPB201J as my daily driver/beater watch....

Serica 6190 Field Chronometre

I just saw the new release from Serica field watch: Since I was eyeing one for some time now I woul...

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commented on This or that. Speedmaster or Chronomaster ยท

We can't deny Zenith El Primero movement quality but from these two I would take the Speedy. If you were comparing it to Chronomaster Original or Revival the outcome may be different

commented on Is this the BEST WATCH EVER for you ?? ยท

Nope. Sorry but excluding Newman story this is an ugly watch.

commented on office watches ยท

Except my Gshocks all watches get office time eventually, some more than others

commented on Fatherhood and heirlooms ยท

I would pass a single watch on 18 birthday or some monumental moment but I am not passing my watch collection until I die. Then they can do whatever they want with them.

commented on Brand you'd never buy? ยท

All Aliexpress fashion brands, all direct copy/hommage brands, Invicta ... man I better stop the list will be too long

commented on Top Vintage Inspired Dive Watches ยท

Yeah that was my point. There is so many that choosing the best is preety much impossible. Also by what metrics/parameter and who agreed upon them?

commented on Your Thoughts on These Cool Calatrava Models? ยท

Very cool looking watches but I don't associate them with "original" calatravas from PP.

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Never meet your hero .... or just not ready for them?

Since joining WC community I expressed my strange "relationship" with Speedy. From my personal preferences and all the hype and history of this watch...

Chronograph selection - advice welcome

Hi, I currently have preety round up collection but final missing piece is chronograph ( fully aware that is not the final one but let's pretend it is...

Learning about watch mechanism and servicing them

Hi to all WC members! I have one question regarding movement suitability for my future learning curve and kindly asking WC community for assitance. I...

Buying watches in Japan & Taiwan

Hi to all my first post here and looking forward receiving some info. In my work I travel a lot and always inspect local AD's and used watch shops. In...

New member

Hi to all! First kudos to WatchCrunch for new app, pushed me to finally join this vibrant and interesting community. My first watch was Casio F-91W wh...