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NWA: Vaer S5 Tradition 40mm

My second watch from Vaer arrived over the weekend. The S5 Tradition 40mm has a fantastic look and a great feel. I love what they’re doing at Vaer.

School Me

Howdy crunchers! Since joining this forum a few months back, I’ve become intrigued by, what I would call, the rabid fan base of Seiko. I’m relatively...

A little help from my Uncle

My Uncle came through in the clutch. I've seen many crunchers recommend "Uncle Seiko" for bracelets and straps so I decided to give him a try. I bough...

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crimsonplaya commented on The newest piece has arrived. Seiko SKX013 ·

That’s much more reasonable. Was it an eBay purchase?

crimsonplaya commented on The newest piece has arrived. Seiko SKX013 ·

Congrats on a beautiful piece. I’ve been wanting one myself but everywhere I look, they’re $650-1000 brand new. I’m afraid to purchase one used at a much lower price. Do you mind if I ask if yours is new/used? If used, how’s the condition? I’ve been feening for this piece for months.

crimsonplaya commented on Family photo ·

That’s a beautiful family right there.

crimsonplaya commented on Look what came in today. ·

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine. It is indeed a great addition.

crimsonplaya commented on Still a beauty: the SEIKO 5 SNXS79 ·

This little guy doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I recently purchased a jubilee style bracelet from Uncle Seiko and it totally transformed the watch.

crimsonplaya commented on Black Friday! ·

The cat has me 😳😳😳 now I can’t help myself…

crimsonplaya commented on Your unintentional box collection ·

I thought I was the only one. 😬


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Just curious 🤔

Has anyone used the site/app WatchRecon? Good experiences? Bad? It was recommended to me for purchasing pre owned watches.


Current situation… I love them all equally; yet, differently.

It didn’t move me

Last week I was fortunate enough to try on some pre-owned Rolex watches while on vacation. My jeweler friend rarely gets his hands on them so he calle...

My Second Seiko

I’m slowly easing into this world of Seiko. Almost one-third of the watches I own are Citizen. I also have a few from Orient and Casio. For whatever r...

Seiko J1’s vs K1’s

As I’m starting to venture into Seiko territory, can anyone tell me if there is QUALITY difference between the J1’s and the K1’s?

Birthday Cake!

Anyone need a birthday cake made? I know a lady…