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Monta Skyquest GMT

I've fallen down the micro brand rabbit hole. I'm happy to report the Monta is just as wonderful as you've heard. The bracelet is super comfortable an...

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commented on Blue trio ยท

I love blue dials. I'm sure there are more in the collection. I just ordered the Seiko SBP 451 which I'm very excited about.

commented on A need for a GMT! ยท

I had the oyster on my watch for a bit, and I eventually grew to appreciate it, but I donโ€™t think the links articulated properly and it made it a little too heavy on my wrist.

commented on A need for a GMT! ยท

Hey there, Iโ€™m wearing my Tudor BB GMT today, and no it doesnโ€™t come with the jubilee bracelet (Tudor calls it โ€œ5 linkโ€), but I was able to order an OEM from the boutique. It comes from Switzerland and takes about 5 weeks. I think itโ€™s worth it.

commented on Seiko Arabic Dial. First Post ยท

Hard not to love a Sheiko! Iโ€™m embarrassed not to own one considering my heritage. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

commented on Undisputed heavyweight champion - wrist check ยท

If thereโ€™s anyone worthy of double wristing itโ€™s Mr. Usyk. What a tremendous fight. Slava Ukraini!

commented on barbecuejag's WRUW ยท

I feel that way about Monta. I love independent brands that put some soul into their craft.

commented on barbecuejag's WRUW ยท

I really like Jack Mason's design language. How do they wear? I've never seen one in the metal. Are you satisfied with the value proposition?

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Nothing like a G-Shock in the rain.