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Lundis Bleus

Just put my Lundis Bleus Gray Nickel on this purple strap because.... why not!!! The gray sandblasted dial just picks up on any color. I like having s...

My new unexpected watch

I came across this one in one of the watch forums and had never had thought of buying a Franck Muller. After some time of thoughts and discussions, I...

Loving my Lundis Bleus!

I love this brand and always wanted to be able to get my hands on one. I'm obsessed with their enamel dials but this sandblasted two piece dial is qui...

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commented on gizzhead's WRUW

FOR SURE I understand that!!!

commented on Stevieb's WRUW

Nice!! Love the Pasha. There are so many great Cartier choices but definitely an underappreciated one.

commented on gizzhead's WRUW

Man. I understand that obsession (having red dials). Apparently I have that need too. Yeah. It's not a problem having to stare at the Metric a long time to tell the time since I love starting at it anyway!! I have the Beaubleu Vermillion Ruby Red also and it's another quirky red dialed watch. I kept searching until I found one at a good price. Hope you find the perfect red dial for you!

commented on gizzhead's WRUW

Wow. That is cool!!! Love the Metric. I have the Worn and Wound Regulator edition. It's red and you can barely tell the time and I love it!! 馃槀

commented on Balanced's WRUW

Beautiful watch! What a brilliant American brand.

commented on Yonder's WRUW

This is just gorgeous!!! And just a brilliant photo as well.

commented on fwatch's WRUW

I think this is a hidden gem. I have the blue dial version and it's just a beauty.