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AS shakedown in Munich

Wait you have to pay import duties on a each you already own???????? Arnold Schwarzenegger detained at Munich airport over luxury watch I鈥檒l be back

Seiko Prospex Alpinist GMT Limited

I will not get a full night's sleep till I acquire this watch. Limited but not really limited at 3,000 units. This will be the only time I buy a watch...

Why do crunchers post polls but don't actually post polls?

WC has a nice poll feature that allows you to tally the response but also still get comments. I have noticed we crunchers will post a question as a poll but not use the awesome polls feature. Why?
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commented on NWA!Classic Elengance 36mm!

I love mine. I do want to get the BOR bracelet.

commented on I LOVE GOLD (in Goldmember鈥檚 voice)

Don鈥檛 be basic

commented on The new Baltic Prismic

If this it, not my taste at all. Was hoping for a dual register Moonphase and 60 sub seconds

commented on First watch for a young girl?

Parchie or Blok

commented on What would Jesus Wear?

But it he was feel prophetic

commented on What would Jesus Wear?

The watch of a carpenter

commented on The Hamilton Frogman is awesome! But... $1,200?!!

Jomashop鈥︹.. $875 or $795 on the green strap

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I like Goooooooooooooooooold

Seiko coming hard with the gold tone options.

New Longines Hydro GMT

Um this thing looks awesome. I don鈥檛 usually like the hydro quest but these subtle dial changes and a GMT function????? The orange accents????? Do I w...

My 4 year olds SOTC

The full lume is one of the favs for bed time but the new blue flik flak with rotating bezel brings all the smiles.

Help Me Decide. Do I buy these?

In Singapore and came across these available a short five minute walk from where I am staying.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Wrist?

Having watched the first episode of season 4, WTH is Jack wearing? Looks like a pocket watch with a turned dial so the crown is at 12 and fitted to a...

Headed to Singapore

I am about to take the 24 journey from Texas to Singapore and will be there for a few weeks. I have watched all the top 10 places to watch shop in Sin...