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Holiday watch update

Well my holiday in Turkey is coming to an end today so thought it was a good time to conclude my holiday watch experience. After a full 8 days with th...

Beach CW

Turkish adventurers with Christopher Ward

Holiday mode engaged

Show me your holiday watches…… Just the 1 watch for me due to insurance purposes. Wish I could take more but it’s not worth it

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commented on What is the sportiest luxury watch? Show us yours. ·

It’s a toss up between my Tudor Pelagos 39 is my sporty watch and TAG Heuer Indy 500

commented on About to try Omega Aqua Terra 41 ·

Love the aqua terra, I think there a better option than the obvious Rolex

commented on Louis Vuitton is killing it. ·

As they own TAG Heuer, Zenith, Bulgari & Hublot they should make a decent watch. They’ve enough brands to pull from 👍

commented on What do you consider a summer watch? ·

This is mine, I currently in turkey with it. It’s a great summer watch Christopher Ward C60 Atoll 300m.

I can’t recommend the brand highly enough

commented on Opinions on Christopher Ward? ·

Hi I’ve a C60 Atoll and it’s a great watch and the purchase from CW was easy and straightforward.

They also have a 60 day return policy if you dont like the watch.

I can’t recommend enough they are better than the price suggest. If they were in AD’s they would be at least 30-50% more

commented on Best micro diver and is it better than going big brand? ·

Christopher Ward c60 they are a great watch and very versatile 👍

commented on Pelagos 42 ·

I love mine but I went for the 39” it’s a better fit for me

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Hamilton in movies

Anyone else noticed that Hamilton feature in more movies than any other watch brand but no movie and TV stars wear them either on the red carpet or as...

Has anyone any experience of the Arken Alterum??

I’m going down a bit of a rabbit hole with British independent and micro brands. I’m looking at a few British brands Studio Underd0g being another as...

TAGs are back

Is it me or are there a lot more TAG Heuer’s on here now since the announced the new F1 x Kith

TAG out and about

Chrono to time my dog walk 😂

STOC the story so far……

Never done one of these before so thought It was about time. I have a self imposed rule of 1 watch brand only in my collection Like I’m sure most of y...

Unboxing pictures CW C60 Atoll

Thought I put a few more pictures on of the box it came in. I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed with everything, #christopherward really are punchi...