For ~$400 USD, I think Citizen is killing it with these new Tsuyosa releases. Definitely a contender in the sub-$500 market.

I think these look fantastic!

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Watch companies are killing me with the constant introduction of new variations. Here I was happy with my yellow dial watch, but now there are like 9 other versions I want. Same with my original flavor blue dial PRX. I can鈥檛 bring myself to buy more than one variation of the same watch, but that doesn鈥檛 stop me wanting them.


Love the dial, just a shame it's an integrated design 馃槬

I agree, Citizen is doing a fantastic job with this integrated bracelet line, and undercutting Tissot for the automatics.

The dial is better than the original Tsuyosa version, but I prefer the second hand to a small second dial, but that's just me. Either way it's a lovely watch.. I have a hunch that it is going to be better in real life than stock photos, as these nearly never do justice to the watch. As for the bracelet, I know an integrated puts people off, but I am sure there must be aftermarket somewhere. There are for the PRX anyway.

For 鈧299, these are well worth jumping on!

Not for me

My only issue is it is not made in Japan, only the movement is. Nice looking watch though.

What a beaut!