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How fast?

I have often looked at the Tachymeter function on watches and wondered if it is at all useful? I am not at all sure how it works ! I did google it and...
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Sale on

As usual, no spare cash at the moment, but looking at the sales and if your after a Tudor especially, Beaverbrooks (if in the UK) have some good offer...
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So cheap nearly bought 2

There I was surfing WC on Monday evening and @casiodean telling everyone to keep away from Amazon as some deals too tempting to resist. I tried to res...
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weedge commented on Which Dive Watch That You Own Is Your Favorite?

For me its the Casio Duro, after you have changed the strap and glass it suddenly becomes a better watch and at the price takes some beating. I wear it more than my expensive watches.

weedge commented on *CASIO DURO BRACELETS* Appreciate the effort this man puts out for the watch community

I think I will get one. Marc is doing the watch community a good service. I hope he sells a shed load.

weedge commented on NWA: Had This on My List for a While!

Excellent watch and what a price.

weedge commented on I just couldn't do it. I've bought too many again.

Nearly got it as 1. Need a blue strap 2. It鈥檚 a bit different to my usual style. 3. Spent more on a leg of lamb

weedge commented on Got another one, fam!

Looks amazing to me.

weedge commented on [Give Away] - Premium leather handmade watch pouch

I really love the contrasting colours on the inside. It is very tastefully done. Happy Birthday. I use old and small watch boxes when travelling.

weedge commented on New here

Welcome and hi, great watch, tough as old boots, should outlast the house.

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To Lume or not to Lume.

That is the question鈥. Let me start by saying I like lume, nothing against it, I would rather have it than not and who cares really. I watch the odd Y...
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Summer Strap

I keep seeing posts on summer watches for holidays etc. So there I was on well known website famous for not paying taxes (allegedly) and saw this yell...
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New bit of kit

I think I found the perfect watch tool accessory. I know that many of you WC people have similar things, but after a recent post about regulating my w...
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I made a watch box

Hi Made is a rather loose term, more like assembled. My DIY skills are so bad I am forbidden from most tasks, flat pack furniture also a no no, I am e...
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Dive Watches - do we need 300m plus?

I have many a watch that is 100m water resistant, one with 200m and another with 300m with a helium escape valve ! I have noticed many a post on here...
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Cars and Watches

Hi all, I love cars and I also love watches, if cars were the same price of watches I would have 100. Must admit I love a 2CV, roof rolls down can tak...
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Regulate your watch

Hi all I have a couple of watches that are way out of whack, time keeping wise, so I had a look online on YouTube and found this clip. Doesn't look to...
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