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Dials - Blue or black?

Just curious about people鈥檚 preferences. What do you prefer, blue or black dials? Why? Also, bracelet? Leather? Or rubber straps?

Let鈥檚 Play! New 5-Aside Game for Crunchers

Welcome to a new exciting game inspired by the similarly named format of soccer/football. It鈥檚 simple too! Just post a pic of your watches in a simila...

Helson Shark Diver 38mm Titanium

A compelling mid sized case titanium diver. Worn on Watchgecko single pass strap. The original bracelet is no slouch though.

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commented on JLC Reverso - Monoface vs Duoface or Duetto

Duoface all day!

commented on Want your opinion!

It might be safe considering the other BB

commented on Relaxing Watches

That Bulova looks clean as hell

commented on Box and Papers Needed?

It鈥檚 not necessary, but I鈥檇 rather have it and every other accessory the watch originally came with.

commented on Which Ball bracelets might fit?

Not sure about OEM options, but you鈥檇 find tonnes of third party I believe

commented on New thinnest watch

That鈥檚 why you don鈥檛 pay attention to people

commented on The Apple Watch thing...

I appreciate the point but I don鈥檛 think it considers insistence on a closed ecosystem and proprietary parts

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Distant cousins: Japan & Switzerland

Just curious if anyone here also buys a similar looking watch from another country, to complement one already in the collection? I call those 鈥渄istant...