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Do you regret buying a watch (or watches)

There is an interesting article in the WSJ about buyers remorse. So far I only regret one purchase, an automatic Tissot chrono that was too big and I...

How many watches are too many watches?

Right now I have 9 watches of wich one is a casio for the gym (so does not count!), so I have a core collection of 8 watches. So far I have sold 19 watches trying to keep a "manageable" collection but...
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Two historic wrecks and a watch

It's too poetic, the watch of Titanic's richest victim now belongs to someone who got rich from FTX (legally, the WSJ says). I guess the new owner is...

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commented on What country are most of the watches in your collection from?

C should be China

commented on I鈥檝e wanted a PANDA for a while! NWA馃コ馃帀馃帄馃嵒

I had that seiko panda, but I sold it BC I didn't like the date window.


So I bought this one

commented on What is your grail watch鈥檚 biggest flaw?

It's too expensive

commented on Do you regret buying a watch (or watches)

I did the same, after buying a blue fujitsubo I am selling my Samurais

commented on Do you regret buying a watch (or watches)

The screenshot is of the part about watches, the rest of the article is about other purchases (an expensive cabin in the forest, a truck, etc)

commented on SEIKO Samurai running fast

I have that watch, never have that problem.

commented on What is the definition of a vintage watch?

For smartwatches it's 6 months

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BD Watch! Speedtimer in black

A gift from myself, a Seiko Speedtimer black series, SBDL105. Great legibility, that I need now that I'm 45 years old!

I was gifted a fashion watch...

And I have social pressure to wear it! Actually I was gifted TWO fashion watches by my coworkers as birthday gifts. Besides the akward social pressure...

Watches & coffee

I am enjoying a cold tonic expresso with my white samurai! Cheers fellow crunchers!

Poorly designed date windows

I think most chronographs with date windows are poorly designed. Most are useless in real life or ruin otherwise good dials. In the examples I found t...

Threat about watch unholy creations

They didn't ask "should we? ", they only ask "can we?" That monster seems to be a guess watch, it's like a RM with the Rolex Daytona rainbow had an ug...

Do you have a "Grail Watch"?

It seems that having a "Grail" watch is a must for any watch enthusiat. But it is? I don't know if there is a definition, it seems that a Grail Watch basically is a very expensive watch. So I am curio...