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Import charges and fees Japan to UK

Hi Crunchers, does anyone have any idea about the import fees on a £400 G Shock from Japan to the UK? I am thinking of ordering something but I do not...

Should Watch Crunch be just for watch fans with no affiliation to a brand or watch company or include these as well?

Worn and Wound, Hodinkee, Time and Tide, and others on Watch Crunch posting material- should they be on here?
113 votes ·

Zombie 🧟 apocalypse is upon us, what watch would wear while leaving the rest of your collection??

Ok, I am watching ‘The night eats the world’ (zombie apocalypse movie) and it got me thinking. If there were a zombie apocalypse, what watch would you...

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commented on Always_Pooh's WRUW ·

Nooooo. Great watch in a funky colour

commented on Summer 🌞 ·

Nice dial, but bracelet in summer?? NATO all the way!

commented on New Released ! Militado 38mm NH35 Automatic BB58 Retro Watch ML06 ·

Or people could just buy a Tudor and not some knock-off of a Tudor because the company who make it has no originality!

commented on Do you regret buying a watch (or watches) ·

Bought a Tissot SeaStar special Caribbean edition last August while in Florida. Sold it in October! Really nice watch but it saw no wrist time on me. Had to go.

commented on Omega low battery 🪫 indication ·

Once it jumps, anything upto 2/3 months for me

commented on G-Shock ·

2100 yellow Casioak!

commented on Tissot Prx Ice Blue ·

Best colour PRX by far

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Watch snobbery = no quartz?

Well fellow Crunchers, I have a question: if you are a watch snob, do you now give quartz watches a pass and only buy automatic? I say this as I am no...

Your favourite and most disliked watch YouTuber

Okay, there are lots of YouTubers with watch channels now, but who do you really like and who gets a no? Me, I like Max at watch crunch (fairly obviou...

If you could have any watch…

Imagine you could walk into any watch boutique anywhere and be given any watch irrespective of price, what would you select? One watch only though, no...

Does accuracy really matter that much?

I read a post on here today about someone’s Seiko 6r35 being off by 3 minutes after a week. That got me thinking, is absolutely precise accuracy that...

London watch

Okay, with all the thieving scum in London and other major cities, there are certain watches that people do not wear when there, me included. I wear e...