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A beautiful hunk of metal!

Hey errybody! It's been a while, been taking on some new business ventures that have consumed me... Add that to my kids growing up a little too fast....

Vintage Vivification

So things are little bit back to normal, the kids are back to school, my Mrs is back to work... still looking for more brands to build. So when I have...

Pleasantly surprised!

#strapalooza2023 today, ol Faithful on a silicone strap.... it's a curved silicone strap I got for $20 on Amazon! Here's the link if y'all wanna check...

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Deanseiko876 commented on A beautiful hunk of metal! ·

Yeah... It's pricey indeed so I kinda just focused on the design 🤣 but isn't it a handsome watch? I want to at least try one on.

Deanseiko876 commented on A beautiful hunk of metal! ·

It does 🔥 like, a modern day Rambo's watch.

Deanseiko876 commented on The Gasworks Appreciation Society part 2! ·

Ooff! Damn awesome job @GasWorks thank for including me too my friend! @Guvnor64 I haven't acquired any of these beauts as yet but I will, I promise myself I will.

Deanseiko876 commented on Traska "Twofer" ·

Very nice haul my friend.

Deanseiko876 commented on The Empty Spot / What's Next? ·

Beautiful collection! They look great! I'd like to think you're the type to pick a very versatile watch based on what I see here. If you wanna try something special, I'd go Lorier, would look great alongside those that you have there.

Deanseiko876 commented on How far would you stray from the "traditional" dress watch style? ·

I wish it was 2 mm thinner, that would have shot it straight to the top of the list for many as a dream dress watch. I have large wrists so pardon me if I exclude some people with the L2L. Outside of that, it's such a beautiful watch and I really love dress watches, I may not get to dress up often but I tend to make them work. I love the watch and CW are really putting themselves about with their offerings these past few months.

Deanseiko876 commented on Would you trade? ·

Depends on what I have really... If your collection's covered and these pose duality. Then why not... Personally not sure I'd be lucky enough to own that Moser twice. I'd go for it.

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Can I see your green dials again?

Sunday afternoon in Jamaica, taking my love to get her hair done. Turns out, she wanted me to stick around... (Send help). Salons bore me and all the...

Ol Faithful

Normally after I get a new watch, whether by purchasing or gifted, I wear it as often as I can. For two main reasons really, I want to know; Do I real...

Just... Wow!

Ladies and Gentlemen! My jeweller just handed me this beaut! I... I don't know much about it but thought I'd share it with you guys.

NWA!!! Orient (Insert long reference here)

Hey Crunchers and Crunchettes! As a very belated birthday present, to my surprise, I opened a box with this beaut today! Anyone else owns a Tri-star?...

Another ebay find! (Y'all know how I do 😎)

Hey my Crunchy family! Hope everybody's doing great. Found another beaut on ebay and thought I'd share of course! Just Incase anybody wanted to scratc...

Servicing costs!

Soooo on this episode of "that's why it costs so much!" I've got my Seiko 5 on the bench, an Invicta and my fossil. Pulling the Seiko 5 down trying to...