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6.69” / 17.00 cm Wrist
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I found something unexpected. My first Baume & Mercier.

At the start of the year, I was thinking to myself: "What watch would I get, if I was comfortable spending more money?". I was looking at various watc...

Slowly completing my Casio Box with this G-Shock

So, at the start of the year, I was taking a look at my Casio Box. Thinking of what to add to my collection. I knew pretty fast that I wanted another...

What to do with my old Casio.

Almost a year ago I got an old Casio 54QR-30. A few months after I got it, it stopped working. The seller said in his description that he changed the...

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commented on I found something unexpected. My first Baume & Mercier. ·

Lovley, I like that dialcolor.

commented on I found something unexpected. My first Baume & Mercier. ·

I am glad I found the jeweler. Without the discount, I would have never got this watch.

commented on I found something unexpected. My first Baume & Mercier. ·

I literally can not do that, even at 50% off, this watch still costs almost 1700 chf. This is still a lot of money for me. Before a purchase like that, I need a few days to think about it. I have done this on watches way cheaper than that. I am not an impulse buyer.

If the watch would be sold in the meantime, so be it. I rather have the money than buyers regret.

commented on Which to Choose? ·

I can only say Railmaster, because I think the Seamaster looks ugly as sin.

commented on A bit personal.., ·

I do, I got used to look at my wrist when I wake up.

commented on How Much?? ·

You can get chronometer certified from other brands for way less. I doubt that the finishing makes up for that price. This ist just a luxury brand being expensive, because they can.

commented on Let’s see those Pilot Watches! ·

That Davosa is a seriously nice watch.

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