Finally Got the Call For My Father's Birthday Gift

My father is turning 60 this year, and in Asian culture, the 60th birthday, called Hwangap in Korean, signifies the beginning of a new life in the 60-year calendar cycle of the lunar calendar.

My father brought me and my siblings as little kids into the U.S. to further his studies for a second degree, but by the time he finished his studies, he recognized that the lives that my siblings and I were leading in the U.S. were more balanced in terms of the education and activities than we had in Korea. So he decided to sacrifice the life he could have led once he returned to Korea, and instead opened up a coin-op laundromat and gave us everything he's got, working day in and day out, despite the language barriers and the racism.

For the time and money he invested in me and my siblings, I felt that a watch would be a fitting gift for him. All of my father's siblings, cousins on both sides of the family, and my grandparents had nice timepieces (i.e. Rolex, Patek, etc), but my father always only had a simple quartz timex expedition because he'd rather spend the money not on himself but on his children. So I felt that he finally deserved to have something everyone else around him seemed to have, especially now that he is moving back to Korea.

I decided on the Rolex Explorer for several reasons:

  1. He is a very low-key person, doesn't like flash; so a black dial steel watch is about as low key as it gets

  2. Dresses mostly casual, but always has a nice suit dry cleaned and ready for any dress-up occasions.

  3. Likes to go swimming every day in the pool during the summer, so the 100m WR gives a bit of confidence

  4. He fell into depression while raising us in the U.S. and one of the ways he overcame it was through hiking up mountains throughout the year with people he knew from church. So the mountain climbing tool watch mantra of the Explorer fits him well.

Thanks Dad, for all the sacrifices you've made for me, my little brother, and my little sister, and hope this watch can be an everyday reminder of the great man you are, and that all the time and money invested in us were not for naught. Hold your head up a little higher when you meet up with your friends and family back in Korea!


What a nice story and great gift for what sounds like a wonderful dad.

What a nice story. Cheers from a 60th man in Mexico.

A great story and a thoughtful way of recognizing your father's sacrifices...well done!

Great story, the world needs more people like your dad. As well great way to celebrate a good man.鉁岎煆

great story, all the best for your family 馃嵑

Thanks for sharing this great story tony! and this is going to bea very special gift!

Beautiful story, beautiful watch. Here鈥檚 to good health!

Amazing story of a dad who raised an even more amazing son 馃挭馃徎 Your dedication to family is a testament to the legacy that your dad has created. I鈥檓 sure he鈥檚 very proud 馃憦馃徏

I鈥檓 Korean as well. I didn鈥檛 know about the 60th, but we鈥檝e planned on getting our father a Grand Seiko when he retires in a year.

Your post was very heartfelt, and the icing on the cake is the fact you have a modest collection and have decided to get your dad the most expensive piece yet.

Cheers to him! 馃嵒

Great story! Great father, great son!