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History of Military Watch Designations?

The latest Timex mechanical looks an awful lot like the Hamilton Khaki. Of course, the latter was already based on a military design from the mid 20th...
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What Price Range Do Most Of Your Watch Purchases Fall Into?

This is something I'm just generally curious about, not after flexes - you could call it market research 馃槀 You can vote using the category number list...
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What's The Least You'd Spend On A Watch?

This resin Timex looks pretty neat and it's dirt cheap too...but is it too cheap? What's the least you'd spend on a watch to add to your collection? 拢...
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benswatchclub commented on Best chronograph under $500?

Been enjoying the Nezumi Tonnerre, very accomplished piece for the money. Worth a look for sure 馃憤

benswatchclub commented on Welcome to WatchCrunch!

love it

benswatchclub commented on What Price Range Do Most Of Your Watch Purchases Fall Into?

Cheers for all the responses guys, great to see different perspectives to inform my own 馃檹

benswatchclub commented on What Price Range Do Most Of Your Watch Purchases Fall Into?

To kick things off, mine is probably #2

benswatchclub commented on Which Watch Means The Most To You?

Looks lovely! Like a nicer Q-Timex or something. 馃槏

benswatchclub commented on Should I Buy?

Obviously, you can spend your money how you wish. Given you're after my advice, here's my take.聽
Personally, I don't think blowing 'most of your money' on any watch is a good decision; especially lower-cost ones that won't increase in value. There are plenty of even more affordable watches out there. I'd settle for one of those in the meantime and focus on improving your skillset (or find a side job) so that you can earn more money and buy a nice watch without worrying about the cost.聽
Casio makes some great low-cost quartz dress watches. Orient also make a very similar quartz alternative to the photo you've linked above, which is around half the cost. It might be worth scouting them out instead (can't remember the reference numbers).聽

benswatchclub commented on More Casios for small wrists to add to my collection

Thanks for the mention! Yes, this appears to be my speciality!聽

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Best macro lenses for watch photography?

Would love to see some recommendations from veterans here. Watch photography seems like arguably the hardest to get right. Currently just using extens...
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Thinnest Affordable Watches?

Looking for more incredibly thin watches to potentially try. Ideally <7mm in thickness. Has anyone got any suggestions? The one shown above is abou...
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Most Disappointing Casio Watch?

Most people love a good bargain-bucket Casio. They've got loads of budget-friendly offerings that offer great value. However, are there any you regret...
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Which Watch Means The Most To You?

This Casio A158 symbolises a shift in my life. Not only the starting of a YouTube channel but also a change in mentality. I used to care a lot about w...
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Best Value Unknown Watch Brands?

Looking for some good but obscure watch brands that most haven't heard of. What brand do you think needs some more appreciation from the community (at...
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