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I Did The Unthinkable 馃槀馃

How bad can this be, right?
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Which Watch Is Better?

It's a simple question
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What Is This Mysterious Movement? Really In-House?

Hoping some of my fellow watch nerds can help me. I'm reviewing an automatic Stuhrling watch. They claim this is an 'in-house' movement, but it looks...
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benswatchclub commented on Nice breakdown of crystal hardnesses

Me too! Thought it would basically be the same as the other crystals!

benswatchclub commented on Does anyone know what the name of this watch is?

From memory, this was before Rolex 'homaged' our design

benswatchclub commented on State of the Crunch !!

The app is going to be a huge addition - I think that's when we'll see many, many more people join the community here. Excited for it. 馃槏

benswatchclub commented on Who is the very 1st Cruncher?!!

Legend has it, this guy:

benswatchclub commented on Grand Seiko is open to your Feedback

What about a Spaghetti Scameti? I've got them coming out of my ears right now

benswatchclub commented on Why Are Some Watches So Lightweight? (for no good reason)

This one is an automatic, any idea if there's an automatic version of the one you listed? Or do you reckon they shoehorned on an automatic rotor? Struggling to find it online. I'll post shortly with photos of the rear too

benswatchclub commented on Why Are Some Watches So Lightweight? (for no good reason)

My measurement was with the strap and with a case much larger than those two you show. 42mm x 14mm thick, with a rear crystal too. I think yours are safe 馃槈

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Why Are Some Watches So Lightweight? (for no good reason)

So, I'm mid-review of this Stuhrling watch. I can't help but notice that for a steel watch of this size, it's really light - as in cheap-feeling light...
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Worst Watch Brand Logos/Names?

Which bizarre logos, typefaces, or names have instantly put you off a certain brand's offerings? Here are three I've seen recently. Some of these may...
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Is This A Homage?

A while back San Martin released some 'non-homage' watches that were suspiciously similar to other watches still. They've told me this is also an orig...
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Why did Casio spoil this watch?

I reviewed a titanium Casio Oceanus a few months back. It had fixed end links carved out of the case, meaning you couldn't use alternative straps (des...
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History of Military Watch Designations?

The latest Timex mechanical looks an awful lot like the Hamilton Khaki. Of course, the latter was already based on a military design from the mid 20th...
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What Price Range Do Most Of Your Watch Purchases Fall Into?

This is something I'm just generally curious about, not after flexes - you could call it market research 馃槀 You can vote using the category number list...
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What's The Least You'd Spend On A Watch?

This resin Timex looks pretty neat and it's dirt cheap too...but is it too cheap? What's the least you'd spend on a watch to add to your collection? 拢...
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