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All type of yellow 🟡💛 Happy Saturday 😁 Crunchers My #seiko 5 in golden hour. #modding #yellow #photography

Omega De Ville Prestige: 4 straps 1 watch

Mixing it up with the De Ville Prestige. This is ref 424. Came with the black leather strap and meant as a dress watch, but I think it...

What’s your favorite two crown timepiece?

It may be two crown Tuesday on IG but let’s do it today here. I’ll start with the Roebuck Watch Company Diviso. Post up your favorite twin crown piece
ChronograFriday? Attending a swap meet in Oslo tomorrow, and can’t decide og which watch I am bringing.
San Martin SN0121G black dial. Really does look slick. Makes me want to get myself a Pelagos.

What’s your best watch pic?

My partner took this one in a Geneva flea market - I rather like it!

Your Favorite Watch Photos You’ve Taken

As a photography enthusiast, I’ve found shooting watches to be a great way to keep me active in my hobby even when inspiration is not present to go ou...

Watch photography.

Outside of the standard wrist shot, what are your best photography tips and tricks?

What were the best or worst things you found after buying a watch in terms of workmanship?

I was surprised at how well or poorly some of the watches were finished compared to my expectations. What is your experience in this regard? Is there...
Another new one! Seikomatic-R from 1965. 30 jeweled automatic with quick-set date, both forward and backwards! Super handy if it’s a day in front of y...