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Deeperblue ·

Weekly Photography Thread - Check out last weeks finalists and see the new theme for this week!

Thank you to @Fiatjeepdriver for kindly setting last weeks theme of 'Water' and for picking 4 finalists. He simply couldn't decide on an overall winne...
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omerbashir86 ·

what was your first watch?

Wondering how many of you out there still have your first watch? Mine is a Timex Originals Q T2N405 (pictured here) I should clarify that this is the...
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Chunghauphoto ·

Furlan Marri Black Sector 2116-A

It’s been a bit of a wait (end of Jun 2022) but it’s finally arrived. Had to take some pics! I will feature it as part of the ‘Up Close with…’ series...
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cirquesole ·

Any tips on getting good photos of lume?

The only way I can seem to do it is in a partially lit room, would be cool to get some darker pics but they seem to pixelate and wash out. This is pro...
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Catskinner ·

Kickstarting the day with a Kickstarter Yema

This steel and bronze Yema was bought through one of Yema Kickstarter crowd funding campaigns, so it's numbered and also hold a special place in my co...
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VictorAdameArt ·

Locking the collection / SOTC

zenith revival A384A, bought last week. I love watches, maybe too much, so I spent all my watch savings just 20 days into 2023 on that zenith el prime...
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Catskinner ·

Magnetic attraction and military compasses

Awakening to a slightly overcast sky and having nothing better to do, I decided to check the magnetization of my Lorier Safari before winding it. Just...
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Biel_Bienne ·

Norqain Adventure Sport 42mm

My latest acquisition! Couldn't resist to take a photograph. I like the brand. They are five minutes by car from my home...
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Deeperblue ·

Weekly Photography Thread - Check out last weeks top pictures!

Thank you to @street.credor for lasts weeks theme of 'Definitely note junk!'. His runners up were.... @HotWatchChick69 @Darkoverlord @IanCognito @BigI...
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Catskinner ·

A game of 369 (pt. 2)

The second roll of the dices in the 369 game landed with the Smiths Everest on top. It's not really a Smiths and it's never been to the top and theref...
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