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And it's fixed!

About three months ago I posted that the quickset date wheel in my King Seiko 5626-7110 had broken and how I had ordered a replacement from Vintage Ti...

Seiko diver bracelet adjustment

I was experiencing discomfort while wearing my SPB147 (62 MAS) with the original bracelet I bought for it and I was surprised because I didn't have th...

Wise Adamascus Bronze

This is my new Wise Adamascus Bronze. It's a limited edition of 333 units. I stumbled upon this Thailand-made model about a month ago, right after buy...

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commented on Finally got a watch box. ·

If it is only six, you can call it your Citizen watchbox and buy a second one for the G-Shock, and then...

commented on Choosing Between Seiko Alpinist Watches: SPB197J1 vs. SPB117J1 ·

The blue one looks more special to me, it's the kind of dials Seiko excels with.

The black one, while looking great as well, is more tool-looking, a bit simpler, and probably easier to match with straps if you want to.

I guess it also depends on what else you have in your collection. If you want something that stands out a bit or something more "every day" or "under the radar".

I would go for the blue one because I like watches that have something to call my attention: mainly color or dial finish. If you found a good one, I would take the chance.

commented on Solar Eclipse Deepsea ·

Great shot!

commented on 6R35 movement ·

The power reserve could be low, it takes at least 55 turns of the crown to fully wind this movement. I would do it in the morning and wear it at least 8 hours every day for 4 or 5 days to see the real life accuracy,then, it is out of spec take it back for guarantee repair.

commented on It's almost like magic ·

I bought mine for 725 euros and spent 170 euros on the original Seiko bracelet because that is how much I like Seiko diver bracelets.

I haven't found any quality issues on mine, the bezel aligns perfectly with no backplay, (my SPB207 has some backplay). It is running around +15 spd, without regulation. I could spend 50 euros and have it regulated, but I don't wear it so continuously to matter. The watch stops after 3 days of sitting in the watchbox so I have to set the time again.

But as you say, none of this matters if you don't like how it looks or wears. I love mine, especially in this dial color, that copper color hits me when it shines in the sun.

I looked for a vintage-inspired skin diver for a long time, but I couldn't find anything I liked better than this one considering all the aspects: looks, brand history, price, and quality.

commented on And it's fixed! ·

After the servicing and regulation that my watchmaker did when I bought it, it is running at about -2 spd on the wrist, even if mine hasn't got one of the higher-grade movements (5626B) that were chronometer certified.

commented on And it's fixed! ·

The replacement part from VTA with shipping included was 44 euros, it's not cheap, but I think it is worth the price. I believe these watches deserve to be cared for. Contact me if you need any help finding the part.

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