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Early afternoon change up. This is a more fitting for a rainy day. Android dive watch, 200m/660ft of water resistance should do the job. Not forgettin...

I repeat myself when under stress (a poll)

I do remember one thing It took hours and hours By the time I was done with it I was so involved, I didn't know what to think I carried it around with me for days and days Playing little games Like no...
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Day 060/120 Almost forgot to post. I don't want to start over, AGAIN
Go Blue! Monday. Spring game is coming up, any Crunchers out there heading to The Big House this weekend?
This was my wedding watch. Also my engagement watch. My uncle gifted me it when I made it into university. I wore this watch everyday for 6 years. The...

🚨 New Watch Today🚨

The proverbial rabbit hole for Grayton started last spring. I was looking for a GADA to wear in the #1wc . I came acrossed a handsome looking watch th...

1WC Addendum

Now that no one is paying attention, they wouldn't lurk, would they? Well, now that the 1WC is quieting down a new rule may drop. Hopefully WC won't h...

Dearest Crunchers:

I hope that this missive finds you well. It has been difficult keeping these One Watch Challenge participants on their toes. They seem to obsess over...

The one watch Chalenge is driving me even MORE insane........

Among other things I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I took my watches out today and just sort of looked at and held the best ones (I did not put...

Recognition #1wc

Hi @Aurelian Thanks for my badge it’s just arrived! Nice to get some recognition for the torture that was #1wc 😂