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First watch that’s ever matched the venue!!

Daughter’s treating me to a night at the Ballet. Swan Lake of course.

I really don't care about size but...

it seems really important to everybody else. I'm into fliegers almost exclusively and, while they're not all big, large is a traditional aspect. My wr...

When you suddenly notice your feet match your flieger!

It’s a coincidence. I swear!!

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commented on I LOVE IT, and I'm not sure why... ·

Timex has turned my head recently. Didn’t see it coming either but…

commented on It's perfect... but... ·

I love Vulcan but would prefer them 40-42mm.

commented on Hamilton ·

I have two glycines. Just waiting for the right Hamilton to come past. Great watches. Congrats!

commented on Tried the leather band, took it off straight away 😂 ·

I’m into Fliegers so can’t stand bracelets. Almost into double figures on watches and their all on straps. Each to their own I guess.

commented on I love that dial... ·

Fabulous. What size?

commented on RGM & minute track mania ·

I'm a Flieger Fanboy. So...

commented on WatchWorm's WRUW ·

I am a little addicted to them.😎

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You’ll probably all tell me I’m wrong but…

I bought my Laco Munster about six months ago. It ran about six seconds fast a day until I demagnetised it. It then started running six seconds slow a...

Wasn’t expecting to be this pleased!

Getting fussy about straps in my old age and decided my Glycine’s khaki strap looked a little too trendy. Tried Wocci this time because they’re cheap...

Flybacks with two central second hands.

So I've found two but they seem pretty rare in general. So far one's affordable and one's NOT(for me). Does anybody have any idea of any others? This...

New strap, can’t decide.

The strap my Timex came with was giving me a rash so I’m trying this Bison military. Works well on my Glycine but not sure here. Thoughts?

Wrist rash.

I have a rubber strap on an Ingersoll watch that turns my skin shiny before going all dry and unpleasant. So I'm not wearing much anymore. I have a fe...

Northern Lights north of London!

Good lume all round tonight!