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6.50” / 16.50 cm Wrist
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Missed WRUW

So guys I missed yesterday WRUW after something like 200+ days. I planned to go for the 365 sticker but now it feel a bit unconsequent as I am back to...

Young Brando youtube channel

My friend Young Brando would love to finally reach 2k abos. If you are interested in learning more about Haute Horlogerie and more niche watches not j...

A swatch blancpain stystem 51 phantoms?? Blancpain never made a quartz watch and never will.

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commented on Watch podcast recommendations? ·

The real time show great guys.

commented on Ryan_Schwartz's WRUW ·

There is a similar eterna matic 3003 that intrigued me on an online sale. It does look great bravo.

commented on Hard to choose, what would you go for? 🧐 ·

Not influenced at all

commented on True on WatchCrunch : Expectations Vs Reality 😂 ·

That's my favourite watch même.

commented on Sinn 105 plus cheap Chinese clasp=much better! ·
commented on Sinn 105 plus cheap Chinese clasp=much better! ·

I like the oem clasp but each his own. I use the middle hole for my wirst. So maybe it isn't h m as critical as for you. I am waiting for the steel reef easylink piece for ot to be even more confortable during summer.

commented on It’s the first of the month ·

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O&W Podcast in French

For anybody understanding French and liking tool watches there is a great discussion here with the current owner of O&W being himself an long coll...

Any fan of Alligator straps?

Do you prefer a matte or glossy finish and for what situation? I can't decide what to go for. Thanks, Watchcrunchers!
99 votes ·

Seamaster Anniversary

We just discovered 75th anniversary of the Omega Seamaster. 25 years ago Omega decided to bring thoses models to the world for the 50th anniversary. A...

Similar Seiko Divers I own.

Just for fun. Wich one would you keep.
67 votes ·

Similarly priced field watches I own.

Just for fun. Wich one would you keep.
78 votes ·