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NWA: Timex Expedition Scout Chronograph

Here is my latest acquisition, the Timex Expedition Scout Chronograph ref: TW4B04400. I got this off of eBay for a decent price. It needed a battery,...

EDC pocket dump for Saturday 4-13-24

My EDC for work today! Anyone else?

#watchandblade Citizen and Helle

Citizen Garrison chronograph with Helle Fjelkniven for #watchandblade .

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commented on Replace my work Timex for another Citizen BEAST? ·

Hmm… Timex has a steel case, sapphire crystal, date, easy to read field watch, crown protector…. I would keep the Timex and use the heck out of it! I mean, if it takes such a beating while on your wrist to destroy it, then your arm will probably be damaged too!! So it’s probably durable enough for most instances.

commented on Do you wear a watch to sleep? ·

Most nights I do. I don’t have a night stand by the bed and can’t see the clock without my glasses, so I wear a watch can see the time and know that I still have time to sleep!

commented on Women don't like Pink ·

Yes, my wife likes blue and green, she has very little of anything that is pink. Pink is just a stereotype color that women are “supposed” to prefer, and men are “supposed” to like blue. Personally, I like purple!!!😎

commented on Sometimes you do these things too? ·

Nice watch, really like the blue dial! Yes, I have done this, too. I REALLY like the Timex Expedition Scout chronographs, but the designs I wanted were no longer in production. I found them on eBay for only a little less than original price but HAD to get them. I don't regret it, though, they're great watches! If I see something I REALLY like, I have found that it is best just to go ahead and get it even if it seems a bit illogical to do so (i.e. price), otherwise I will end up buying 2-3 watches I don't really want, while avoiding the one I DO want, only to end up buying the original watch anyway!! So, good job, and congratulations on your new watch! Wear it well!😀

commented on Thursday Strap Showdown - let’s see some straps ·

Here’s the heavy duty strap on my Bertucci A-2S

commented on What watch would you buy if money wasn’t an issue ·

I’m too practical to play this game very well. If the watch is too expensive, I would be psychologically unable to wear it! $500 or so is my mental limit, and since the Citizen Promaster Land with a green dial is about that much and the only watch I want, then my answer is: CITIZEN PROMASTER LAND with GREEN DIAL. Sorry I’m not more ambitious.

commented on NewbombTurk's WRUW ·

Lookin good! You forgot something to drink! I like to mix it with my coffee!


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#watchandblade entry: Militado and Buck

Militado VK67 and a Buck folding knife. This is NOT EDC for me! Way too bulky for pocket carry! This is a Buck Knife I found in my Dad’s tackle box af...

Watch and blade /EDC

My #watchandblade entry for today. Also a bit of an EDC example.

NWA Bertucci Ventara

I saw this watch in a local outfitter store back in December of 2023. I was reluctant to buy it as it was an A-2S case just with a different handset a...

Bertucci and Opinel

For #watchandblade I have the Bertucci A-2S and the Opinel No. 6 with walnut handle.

Bertucci lume shot!

Got bored waiting for my machine to heat up, so I snuck off for a quick lume shot!!

Lume shot!!

Just for kicks, I took this while waiting for everyone to come eat supper last night. First time I've tried a group lume shot. I was handholding my ca...