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commented on Something I've never seen

Love my Ball watches. The none COSC options run at or better than COSC standards. They fit on the wrist great! They are thin, well finished watches. I will always have 1 or two in my collection. Highly recommend

commented on New Watch Day :)

Need one

commented on Any Captain Willard fans out there?

Always amazed

commented on Mesh on the Seamaster鈥eems right.

I am new to the mesh bracelet too! In love with the comfort and look. Yours looks great!

commented on relojruiz's WRUW

Tokyo boutique

commented on relojruiz's WRUW

Thank you. SBGE301, Japan only 1 of 300. Had to fly for this one. Worth it!

commented on Today鈥檚 watch

My Orient watches remain on my favorites list. The day you get your GS will be momentous and amazing but the Orients will maintain a spot in the collection.