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Doesn鈥檛 have to be expensive to be fun!

I was recently at my mom鈥檚 house for a weekend and had the opportunity to go through some of my old belongings that i had forgotten about. It was a tr...


Ill make this short and sweet, potentially thinking of a new strap or mesh bracelet for my Omega Aqua Terra. I have worn this watch for a year straigh...

The Watch That Started it All

Rewind back to 2008, i was just a kid. My dad always had this watch on when he was at home. I was always messing with the bezel and compass feature. I...

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commented on My proudest purchase

Tag is making huge waves with these new chronographs, im loving the resurrection!!! Excellent watch, my friend, and congratulations on reaching your goal!

commented on NWA:馃Chopard Alpine Eagle 41馃

Stunning choice!! You wear it well, congratulations 馃嵕

commented on If you have the money to buy just one of the Holy Trinity Steel Sport, which would buy?

Someone said the Patek looks like it has dumbo ears and now i cant unsee it馃槀馃槀 and for that reason, IM OUT lol

commented on Tudor QC, again.

Worked for a tudor dealer for over 2 years, they have many QC issues across many models. Im personally not a fan of the brand.

commented on Thoughts and Watch Peace

Superb collection!

commented on SMPc vs Planet Ocean 42

Its the PO for me, it looks cleaner in my eyes and im a sucker for a broad arrow hand. Cant stand the sm300 bracelet either. Also think its more versatile and the HE valve doesnt look so prominent. All opinion, but id go PO.

commented on My first second purchase鈥.

You made the right call! As you can see all materials are replaceable:)

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Aqua Terra 7 Months STRAIGHT (Review)

Okay, i got this watch on May 16th of this year and have not worn any other watch since i got it. Literally. It has been with me for seven months stra...

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Shades

4.8 Avg. Score


Hello all! I have a question regarding wearing a nice watch while traveling. Its a tricky question isn鈥檛 it? A lot of situations come down to where yo...

Watch Crunch Denver

Hey guys! Looking for people in or near the denver area to meet up for coffee and talk watches, haven鈥檛 been able to find many people around here to d...

Watch Accuracy

Hey guys, first post here! What is your take on expected watch accuracy? We can break it down a little. Lets go by price segment of automatic and maua...