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Best watch I have ever owned

So, it turns out , that to save a massive fortune watch collecting - just buy the best seiko you can . I would take this over a bottom end Rolex any d...

Seiko SNE025J1

Does anyone have any experience of these ? Or of the Seiko spring drive movement ?

Humble citizen

This is hard to beat at this price point . Titanium . Automatic . Well made In comparison to the Glycine combat sub . It鈥檚 movement isn鈥檛 as good . It...

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commented on Omega X Swatch

They鈥檙e not that expensive if you buy from swatch , but people resell them with a big mark up

commented on Watch pet peeves?

Crowns that aren鈥檛 shrouded. Date that is too small to read (I鈥檓 old) . Anything that interferes with legibility . I used to love chronographs and now I can鈥檛 stand them

commented on Omega X Swatch

It鈥檚 really hard to tell if they鈥檙e fake because the original feels pretty flimsy

commented on Views on the Certina DS

Well I got one , and the problem is - without my glasses I just can鈥檛 read the time !

commented on Ball Watches

Another 8 days before delivery !

commented on Seiko SNE025J1

Exactly . Friend of mine has an automatic (not spring drive ) land master and it鈥檚 gorgeous

commented on Humble citizen

This and the titanium super tough are about the same price . I think the super tough is more of a classic but this has a bezel for timing things in the oven

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I can鈥檛 see the hands !!

I really wanted this watch, but I just struggle to tell the time. Wasn鈥檛 cheap so I鈥檓 going to get the hands changed to solid lume green ones

Hamilton Khaki

Not too shabby , not too shabby at all. Only the Glycine beats it (and that cost a lot more ) . I鈥檇 put the reading from the Duckworth on here but it鈥...

Watches that are bang on the money

I鈥檇 wanted a Hamilton Khaki for a while . And I like watches that display the whole day. I already have several black faced watches in my collection s...

If you had to have just one watch ?

Had this conversation with @Barringtonchud and my own answer surprised me . Cos it鈥檚 this Seiko Tuna . I love automatic watches . I鈥檝e certainly got s...

Timegrapher and de magnetisers

Now I鈥檝e got quite a collection automatic watches . I should probably think about a demagnetiser . I鈥檝e tried timegrapher app on an I phone, with no j...

Office watch

Not a lot of people鈥檚 first choice for an office watch - but I like it. In a world of smart watches, this is like commuting to work in an amphibious a...