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Hand-me-down watch

I forgot to post about this until I was reminded about it by @casiodean ‘s Sekonda post (by the way, I can corroborate what he says about getting one...

Me & My Wife Wrist Shot

Rare night out with my wife, she is rocking her dad’s 1990s OP Date, I have the early Christmas present Ventura from her

Early Christmas Present

Not totally new, it arrived quite a few weeks ago and I had a sneak preview then but it’s not been worn before tonight. It’s a Christmas present from...

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commented on The Year 2001. What Watch Were You Wearing? ·

This from Next, a UK high street fashion company

commented on Just a little question, ·

It can be any device with those functions. I think chronograph just means “time recorder” whether it’s achieved through quartz, mechanical etc

commented on Rolex fined $100M by France’s anti-trust agency for ‘illegal’ ban on distributors selling online ·

Outside chance outcome but Rolex may consider their remaining in the French Market. I’m not sure how much the French market is worth to Rolex but they could decide to retreat from France if it is too detrimental to their model. On the other hand, withdrawal from France and Paris, widely seen as a global capital of fashion, isn’t a great look for a company like Rolex.

Then again, if the EU sees issues relating to EU law and is looking at a parallel investigation, it would be moot. If it’s unlikely that they would pull out of France, it’s almost infinitely less likely they would do an EU-wide withdrawal, they would just have to suck it up.

commented on Iron Mike 💪 Vs. Auto/mechanical ·

Sorry, yes, F1 auto racing. I agree a Tyson punch would probably be like a car wreck, or plane crash, or a 2000lb JDAM bomb, that sort of ballpark 🤣

commented on Iron Mike 💪 Vs. Auto/mechanical ·

Richard Mille. I’m not a fan of the watch myself but by all accounts they are hard to break. Romain Grosjean was wearing one during his horrendous crash at Bahrain in 2020. The impact was 67 G and he was stuck in the resultant fire for 27 seconds, the watch survived and was still working afterwards. Fillipe Massa was wearing one in Hungary in 2009 which left him with a severe head injury but again the watch survived.

commented on Am I Luxury? ·

I don’t think an individual can be luxury but can live in what others may perceive as luxury. A bit like time, it’s relative to the observer.

I would define a luxury as a treat I want but do not need or an essential that I may struggle to afford, and to obtain it isn’t going to be easy; it may require saving or compromise, or at least some thought. Once something loses that, if I know I can afford it and buy without thinking about it, it is not a luxury and more a routine item for me, but others in a different set of circumstances may still see those things as luxury. Similarly, there are things others have which will seem normal and routine to them but are luxurious to me.

commented on Watches for engineers and scientists that won't break the bank? ·

I quite fancy an Omega Railmaster which I think sits well alongside these sort of watches

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