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New Bulova Precisionist

This reminds me of the original Accutrons I have with the sweeping second hand. Very cool watch
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New Orient Symphony

I wanted a blue dial dress watch on leather and this fit the bill. The face is awesome.
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New Wave Ceptor

Got this for half price. Hard to figure out but I finally got it set. The pin and collar system should be banned from the face of the earth.
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RobertWood commented on Birthday Watch Ideas ·

If you have an AD that carries multiple brands I would suggest you go try some on and see what you like in person. The Oris is beautiful by the way. I would definitely go for a BB over the 1926. It also depends on your lifestyle. Since you have some dressy pieces in there do you suit up for the office every day? That's also something to consider.

RobertWood commented on Walmart Omega ·

I got my Aquaracer off of It was a really good experience. Got it from a seller out of Japan and they were terrific.

RobertWood commented on Casio Duro aka Marlin black ·

They are fantastic! I used to have the blue one until my daughter saw it and wanted it. I put mine on a mesh bracelet, and it looked really good.

RobertWood commented on New strap ·

What a cool looking watch!

RobertWood commented on Crisis ·

I will say that I have bought and owned a number of homage watches. I have no problem with it, but what I find is it doesn't "scratch the itch" of wanting the original, it just made me want the original more. Keep that in mind if you are like me, it may just make the longing for the Black Bay even worse and not make it better.

RobertWood commented on Bezel insert alignment ·

It doesn't look like anything aligns correctly at 6, even the hour triangle. Everything seems pushed off slightly to the right, even though the hour marker and 30 line up perfectly at the top.

RobertWood commented on a post ·

Sorry to see you go. I wish you success in whatever you plan on doing.

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New Instagram Account

In addition to my regular Instagram account, I have created a new account just for watch content. Please follow @ROWWatches, and I'll follow back.
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New Orient

I always wanted an Orient so when I found this Kanno on sale at a great price I got it. This will be my GADA watch.
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New to me Monaco

Another grail of mine. Found it at an incredible price and pulled the trigger. It’s extremely cool!
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New budget GMT

I wanted an inexpensive GMT so I picked this up. For what I spent the box and presentation is very up brand. The watch seems to be fairly well built e...
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Stauer Castile

This one came in today. Much better looking in person. I love the textured face.
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Watch shopping

I tried on a few pieces this evening. I like the OP 41 and Black Bay 39 the best.
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New G-Shock Casioak

This is the Bluetooth tough solar model. Looks cool!
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