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NASA G Shock

Lucky to get the chance to get this one. It looks amazing!!

NASA Watch Incoming

Did anyone else going for the new G-Shock NASA watch get it today?

My new Trafford Crossroads is in!

I tried on the prototype of this watch in April and immediately ordered it. Pictures really don’t show the true beauty of the color of the dial. Congr...

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commented on Can Anyone Help? Seiko 5T32-6A29 ·

To set an alarm on a Seiko 5T32-6A29 watch, you can try the following steps: Ensure the crown at 4 o'clock is in the normal position Press the button at 8 o'clock to set the alarm hands to the desired time The small dial at 6 o'clock will stop and show the alarm time To move the hand quickly, keep the button pressed The alarm will ring for five seconds at the set time To stop the alarm, press the button The small dial at 6 o'clock will start running again To turn off the one-time alarm, pull the crown at 4 o'clock to the first click and then push it back to the normal position

commented on Considering selling this… TALK ME OUT OF IT! ·

Well, if those are your other divers I can see why. The only reason I would keep it is if you need a beater on the weekends or something like that. Or something to wear to the beach since that might scratch up the other, more expensive, watches.

commented on Watch identification ·

Similar to a Hublot, but the band is wrong. My guess would be a Bulova Marine Star.

commented on Latest Watch ·

Oh cool! How does it look? I got the black dial coke bezel.

commented on Latest Watch ·

I've got my first Boderry on the way, the new Admiral GMT. It should be here Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait to see it. If I like the finishing I'm thinking about getting the one you have for my daughter for Christmas.

commented on Tag Heuer ·

Yes. I have a Tag Heuer quartz Aquaracer 2020 model year and never had an issue with it. It is also very accurate. If you are thinking of getting a Formula One look for a used one in good shape. That will save you some money. Let someone else suffer the depreciation.

commented on Tag Heuer ·

Probably ETA 955.412/ 955.414 movements.

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New Mathey III Datejust

Just got this one in. The bracelet is terrible but the watch looks really good. I like the linen look of the black dial.

New Seiko Tank

I just sold my Stauer and picked this one up so I could still have a tank style watch, other than my classic Elgin. It’s really nice!

New gold G-Shock

I wanted a metal G-Shock and this one, a 25th anniversary model, is gaudy and glorious!

Join me tonight on YouTube

I am a regular on JJ's Watch Hangout. Tonight we will be talking about three-piece watch collections. These are the ones I'll be talking about. Join u...

Trafford Watches

Last night I met Nathan Trafford, owner and designer at Austin’s Trafford Watches. They are one of now several Austin Microbrands. I fell in love with...

Vintage Elgin

When joining the local Redbar chapter, one of the questions they ask is what got you interested in watches. The answer is easy because I wanted to be...